Living with Pain: Create a Soothing Space

Stress can make chronic pain worse. Whether you suffer from headaches, arthritis, abdominal pain, temporomandibular disorder, or any other chronic pain condition you may benefit from identifying methods to reduce the stress in your life. One approach to stress management is to create a “soothing space” – a  retreat where you can calm your body, quiet your mind, focus … Read more

Caregiver’s Toolbox: Best Resources

Caregiver’s Toolbox: Best Resources

Are you struggling to find ways to be supportive to a friend or family member with chronic pain? It is not always easy to know what to do. It took years, but I finally have discovered the most helpful resources to show my support and concern for my partner who is in pain. In the … Read more

Hugs for Hope

Can giving to others help someone in chronic pain? Jeanne Qualkinbush would definitely say yes! She is one of the inspiring individuals PainPathways would like to recognize during National Pain Awareness Month. We reached Jeanne in her RV in Orlando traveling with her grandchildren. She took a break from the activities and the heat to talk with us. … Read more

Sleep Quality, Depression, Pain and Disability

Felix Naughton and his colleagues conducted a study to examine the relationship between sleep quality, depression, pain severity, and disability. Their results (reported in the journal Pain) showed that sleep quality did not directly affect disability, but rather that poor sleep quality tended to make people feel more depressed and tended to make their pain feel worse. These changes, … Read more

Healing through Helping Others

As part of National Pain Awareness Month, PainPathways wants to honor some special individuals who have helped so many while suffering with chronic pain themselves. Nancy Laracy is one of those inspiring people. Here’s her story: PP: When did you first start experiencing chronic pain? Laracy: Halfway through my thirties, the rug was ripped out from under … Read more