Practical Advice for Parenting with Pain

Although parenting in pain may often be an uphill battle for many individuals, those who have “been there, done that” have some valuable insight into how to improve the process. Kathy Church, MSW, offers advice on chronic pain and age-specific parenting and says that the most important thing to remember about parenting with pain is … Read more

Survey Reveals #1 Fibromyalgia Symptom

Fibromyalgia sufferers deal with a multitude of symptoms that impact their daily lives. However, a recent survey reveals that pain is the #1 fibromyalgia symptom that affects patients on a daily basis. Functioning with Fibro surveyed 1,228 adults in the U.S. with fibromyalgia, a condition affecting more than 5 million Americans and characterized by chronic widespread … Read more

Acute Low Back Pain Quiz


We’ve all heard or exclaimed, “Oh, my aching back!” But how much do we know about low back pain? Take this quiz to find out. True or False: 1. Many people experience low back pain. True. Back pain affects eight out of ten people at some point during their lives, according to the American Pain Foundation. 2. Low … Read more

Living with Pain: Goals Matter

Chronic pain can make your goals seem unimportant or unreachable.  Your pain may interfere with your social goals, career goals, or family goals.  Personal goals like exercise, hobbies, reading, or learning something new may have fallen by the wayside too. Sometimes it may feel like living with pain takes all of your energy and motivation. … Read more

Surviving the Holidays When You’re in Pain

Surviving the Holidays When You’re in Pain

What to DO 1. PRIORITIZE. Focus on accomplishing the most important things, and let everything else go. 2. PLAN AHEAD. A large portion of holiday stress comes from the last-minute rush to get everything done. Consider planning your holidays two months in advance, and put your plans on paper. 3. USE A LIST. • Look at each item and … Read more

Ace Young on Pain, Family and Caregiving


It was on a Sunday, the day before Labor Day 1996, when Ace Young, now a Grammy award winner and American Idol star, received news that one of his older brothers had sustained severe injuries in a near-fatal car accident. Ryan Young, a healthy athlete who dreamed of playing professional basketball, broke his back in … Read more