Managing Cancer Pain


“I don’t give up,” says Brian Bruel, MD, assistant professor of pain medicine at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, and president-elect of the Cancer Pain Research Consortium. “And my patients know that.” Many people who live with cancer and chronic pain and who come to the world-renowned MD Anderson have already seen … Read more

Focus on Fibromyalgia and Depression: How Are They Related?

It’s not surprising that people with fibromyalgia often experience depression. Living with chronic pain and fatigue can create feelings of anxiety and loneliness. Many studies link fibromyalgia and depression. In fact, people with fibromyalgia are up to three times more likely to have depression at the time of their diagnosis than someone without fibromyalgia. But … Read more

Stop Worrying

Stop Worrying

If you have been living with chronic pain, you may have found that you worry about yourself. What if your future is one of loneliness and isolation? What if you can’t get the help you need? What if your relationships suffer? What if your pain gets so bad that you can’t cope? What if your pain … Read more