Don’t Give Up on Goals

Life is richer when you can pursue the things that matter, such as love, work, feelings of competence, being part of a caring social network of family and friends, growing as a person.  Chronic pain makes goal pursuit more difficult. Pain can interfere with effective motivational strategies and can lead to intense frustration. Your roles and your sense of who … Read more

3 Super-Easy Hacks for Natural Pain Relief

Before modern medicine, there was natural pain relief. Teas, salves and tinctures were what the doctor ordered for everything from menstrual cramps to headaches. Now, when we hurt, we typically turn to over-the-counter pain remedies. NSAIDs, aspirin, heat patches and pain creams – could we live without them? Well, yes. To some extent, anyway. And … Read more


Think back to your childhood. Imagine the end of the school year is approaching. You are counting down the days until summer, and one of the first things you plan to do is go barefoot—as often as possible. As adults, we may have outgrown the eager anticipation of summer; we may even spend less time … Read more

Compounding Pharmacies

Compounding Pharmacies

A century ago, well before there were chain drugstores on every corner and shelves stocked with manufactured pharmaceuticals, town druggists would create prescriptions based on a list of ingredients provided by a doctor. Today, things may be a lot different, but there are still pharmacists who create custom prescriptions—although now they do so with 21st-century … Read more

Maintaining Fitness


Maintaining Fitness While Managing Your Pain Transcripts HighlightsDr. YoderMay 28, 2014 Welcome! Thank you for joining us for “Maintaining Fitness While Managing Your Pain.” This chat will be hosted by Jon Yoder, MD, and will cover topics such as: How can exercise decrease pain? How can deconditioning worsen pain? How do I get started exercising? What … Read more

Chronic Pain Management Facebook Chat

Defining Your Path to Wellness:Multiple Pathways to Chronic Pain Management Transcript Highlights Linda Ruehlman, PhDJune 27, 2013  PainPathways:  Welcome! Thank you for joining us today for “DEFINING YOUR PATH  TO WELLNESS: MULTIPLE PATHWAYS TO CHRONIC PAIN MANAGEMENT”. This  Facebook chat will be co-hosted by Dr. Linda Ruehlman. PainPathways:  Dr. Ruehlman is the founder of Goalistics, as well … Read more

Dorothy Hamill’s How-To Advice for Chronic Pain

In 2013, Dorothy Hamill entered Dancing With the Stars. Partway through the series, she quit due to a lumbar cyst causing pain, numbness and weakness in her back and legs, which would have resulted in back surgery had she kept competing. As a pro athlete – Hamill won the gold medal in women’s singles at the … Read more