SAD and Chronic Pain: 4 Ways to Thrive This Winter

When even the thought of hot chocolate on a snowy day isn’t enough to cure your SAD (seasonal affective disorder), maybe it’s time to make some changes. Not only can the winter negatively affect your mood, it can also cause more serious issues, like extreme weight gain and full-blown depression. One in four people suffer … Read more

PR: Happy New Year 2016

Happy 2016! Do you have your winter copy of PainPathways yet? This issue is packed full of great inspiration, including a story of how our cover celebrity, award-winning cyclist Robbie Ventura, fought his way through pain. After a devastating crash, this fierce competitor was in a dark place and shares his battle and how he got back … Read more

How Yoga Makes You Stronger and More Resilient


Doctors are finding that one of the best ways to experience stress relief and improve your mood is yoga. Science shows that this ancient art of focused stretching and breathing can change brain chemistry for the better. If you suffer from chronic pain, you know that stress makes it worse. And the combination of pain … Read more