How-To Guide for Difficult Medical Decisions

When you’re sick with something simple, like a cold, it’s easy to consult your doctor and get some objective feedback. But what about when a medical issue isn’t so straightforward? What about when it’s much more serious, like cancer, and there are countless subjective treatment options being presented to you? A Method for Making Difficult … Read more

PR: Bellamy Young on Migraines

TV star Scandal’s Bellamy Young takes on migraines In the winter issue of PainPathways, actress Bellamy Young reveals the challenges she’s faced as she battles chronic migraines while starring as America’s first lady on TV’s hit show Scandal. In our interview, Young shares her story, from migraine diagnosis to learning to recognize migraine warning symptoms to overcoming … Read more

Bellamy Young


Eighteen-hour workdays, in inconsistent food schedules, cringe-worthy lighting, and intense emotional situations. This describes the daily production environment for TV star Bellamy Young, who plays Mellie Grant on the hit show Scandal. And she loves every minute of it. Young, a native of North Carolina and a Yale alum, spent her post-college years working on Broadway, eventually … Read more