Is This My Illness? How to Diagnose Addison’s Disease

Some of you have struggled for an accurate diagnosis for the symptoms you’ve been experiencing. Not only is this frustrating, but having a “mystery” illness with no explanation prolongs getting relief from your pain. If you’ve been feeling pain but do not know why, it is possible that Addison’s is the cause. Addison’s Disease is affects … Read more

Heart Healthy Challenge

PainPathways Magazine Kicks Off a “14-Day Heart Healthy Challenge” in Support of American Heart Month. February is American Heart Month. To bring awareness, PainPathways Magazine is encouraging readers to skip the sugar on Valentine’s Day and show some love by staying heart healthy. All month, PainPathways will provide articles and daily motivation about the risks and symptoms for heart … Read more



Martin Oleksy’s life changed at a job interview. During the interview, the company’s fire-alarm system sounded. And then again. Then twice more. “Each test pierced my ears harder than the previous time,” says the 46-year-old advertising and marketing executive. “I had to step out; it was painful and distracting.” Oleksy went straight home and to … Read more