From Insurance-centered Care to Patient-centered Care

I have a very finicky immune system. It has trouble distinguishing foreign invaders (like viruses) from my body’s own healthy tissues. It often goes on the warpath, misguidedly fighting healthy parts of my body. This happened recently and resulted in a somewhat frantic call from my doctor after she received the results of lab work … Read more

When Pain Runs in the Family

When Pain Runs in the Family: Our Little Zebra*By Shaina Smith Our family calendar is not glamorous. Not because we don’t fill our weekends with fun-filled events (we travel all over New England just to find the perfect meal) or because it lacks creativity (my sister draws intricate pieces on her calendar to symbolize commitments … Read more

Combining Conventional & Integrative Medicine

Combining Conventional & Integrative Medicine

Imagine you’re trying to reach an important destination, and there’s only one way to get there—a crowded highway that sends you through miles upon miles of rough roads and traffic delays, with no exits in sight. If only you knew of an alternative route, you’d make an escape off the beaten path—even if there were … Read more