Ginevra Liptan, MD, and her fibromyalgia book


As a med school student with fibromyalgia, Ginevra Liptan discovered she was her own best advocate. Ginevra Liptan, MD, had never heard of fibromyalgia when she began feeling overwhelming fatigue. It was 1999, and she was a typical medical student, working insane hours and experiencing extreme stress. She chalked up her tiredness to the pressures … Read more

Using Flowers for Healing


Flowers are known to lift one’s spirits…but did you know they can providing physical as well as emotional healing? For centuries practitioners of medicine have used what Mother Nature provided as was readily available to provide healing and health improvements to people. The knowledge of the therapeutic properties of flowers spans time and cultures across … Read more

Caregiving and Laughter

When I first launched my radio show for caregivers, a group from AARP interviewed me and discussed the challenges of reaching family caregivers. One of them asked me, “Many people serve for years as a family caregiver, but somehow don’t identify themselves as such. How do you help people see themselves as caregivers?” For whatever … Read more