Dr. David Mount

Dr. David Mount would rather listen than talk. It’s not that he doesn’t have plenty to say. But on a patient’s first visit, he wants to hear what led the patient to his office. The neuropsychologist has a keen interest in the mind/body connection and a focus on how pain affects the brain. (“Pain impacts … Read more

What to Know About Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

What to Know About Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

We’ve been hearing about carpel tunnel syndrome since the late 1930s. Currently, carpel tunnel syndrome affects 5% of the population within the United States. While this condition is often discussed, many do not know exactly what it is and how it is different than other hand/wrist conditions – let alone causes, risk factors and treatment options. Basic … Read more

Healthy Caregivers

While more than 65 million caregivers—and I am one of them—currently attend to the sickest in our country, statistics show that 72 percent of us fail to see our own physicians regularly. Do the math, and “Houston…we have a problem!” Caregivers interact with many doctors and often perform tasks previously taken care of by licensed … Read more