Automatic Thoughts and Pain


by Dee Emmerson, TCC Writer Kevin hurts all the time since his accident. After learning how thoughts become automatic, he’s noticing that his pain gets worse with certain ways of thinking. Because this surprises and baffles him, he’s trying to pay attention to the relationship between his thoughts and his pain. So far he’s identified several instances … Read more

New Treatment for Low Back Pain

Wayne Cooper, a 72 year-old almost-retired attorney, lives in Marin County, California. He has suffered from low back pain and sciatica for nearly 20 years, keeping him from enjoying many activities and requiring daily medication. The Bay Area is hilly—and due to his back pain Cooper could only walk short distances and had to avoid … Read more

Urban Farming

The old adage “you are what you eat” could be the unofficial motto for a community initiative currently under way in one North Carolina city. Against an urban backdrop that includes repurposed tobacco factories, new medical and research facilities and a mix of art galleries, offices and restaurants, several local organizations in Winston-Salem, North Carolina … Read more