7 Chronic Pain Myths – and The Truth

Most people who suffer from chronic pain have encountered information that is sometimes presented as if it were factual but is completely myth. And within the pain community, this misinformation can get circulated to the point where pain sufferers are misled into making decisions for themselves that lead to little relief, big let-downs and even … Read more

The Surprising Facts of Cell Phone-Induced Pain

Our smartphones do it all. They give us directions via GPS, let us talk with our friends on every single social platform (in addition to texting and calling) and even play our favorite songs by request. Unfortunately, not everything our phones offer us is good. In fact, cell phone-induced pain is becoming an increasingly large … Read more

Is Pain Management Coaching Right For You?

Chronic pain has a life-crushing impact. Becky Curtis, founder and pain coach at Take Courage Coaching, knows this firsthand. After a near-fatal car accident and subsequent development of central nerve pain, she almost became another statistic. Here, we talk with her about how she transformed her experience into a personal coaching career that not only helps other … Read more

Take One Graphic Novel and Call Me in the Morning

Explaining your chronic pain to your friends, family or boss can be difficult. But what if there were a tool, which could not only help your support network better understand your suffering, it could also help relieve your pain? The research-based graphic novel Pain is Really Strange by body worker Steve Haines and illustrator Sophie … Read more

Men and Pain: How Do Guys Deal with Chronic Pain?

Since June is Men’s Health Month and manly Lou Ferrigno is gracing the cover of our summer issue, we want to put the spotlight on men. When dealing with chronic pain, do men cope differently than women and what do they have to say about their experiences? The differences between men and woman Many experts agree that … Read more

Abdominal Pain: Creating Your Path to Wellness

If you suffer from chronic abdominal pain due to IBS, Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease, ulcers, reflux, colitis and other conditions, you know that it can overwhelm your daily life. Living with symptoms like frequent constipation, diarrhea, bloating, or bowel obstructions can be very disruptive and all-consuming. Have faith; there are coping strategies to help you gain control of … Read more

Healing through Helping Others

As part of National Pain Awareness Month, PainPathways wants to honor some special individuals who have helped so many while suffering with chronic pain themselves. Nancy Laracy is one of those inspiring people. Here’s her story: PP: When did you first start experiencing chronic pain? Laracy: Halfway through my thirties, the rug was ripped out from under … Read more

What is Paintracking?

What is Paintracking?

Part One of a Four-Part Series by Deborah Barrett,  PhD , LCSW Nearly 20 years ago, when I first developed pain, I assumed I needed rest to heal – but instead, my pain worsened with inactivity, until I could barely hold a paper or open a door. When I read that exercise might help, I joined … Read more

Reflections: Inspiring Pathways

Managing Fibromyalgia Pain with Bunny Therapy: Unconditional love is a powerful tool in the struggle against chronic pain, something that Nancy Laracy learned from an unexpected source. At only 36 years old, Laracy developed excruciating pain and fatigue from parvovirus and fibromyalgia. These conditions initially derailed her everyday life, but she soon found an unexpectedly effective … Read more