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As a community of experts, researchers, and medical practitioners, Pain Pathways provides the required support to manage your health struggles through tips and research-based reports. Pain Pathways emphasizes scientific articles and health supplements associated with CBD oil.

Although studies have recently proven CBD oil’s exceptional medicinal properties, it didn’t receive enough attention it deserves. Since CBD oil tackles multiple health conditions, Pain Pathways aims to put recognition on its possibilities. However, Pain Pathways is totally independent and not associated with the Pain Pathways magazine.

Our vision

Our focus is on assisting people in enhancing overall wellness and managing health struggles effectively. We aim to spread awareness about various health conditions and scientific ways to settle them, especially clinically proven and research-backed CBD formulas.

We mainly focus on

01. Delta-8

02. Delta-9

03. Delta-10

04. CBD

05. CBC

06. CBG