Pain and Depression

Pain and Depression

Winter can be especially tough for people with chronic pain. Cold, wet weather can aggravate pain. Snow and ice can make socializing and staying active a challenge. Darker days can trigger sadness or even depression. Before depression or other psychiatric conditions can be treated and improved, they first have to be identified. Your pain management doctor … Read more

The Health Benefits of Tea


Ahhhh … a warm mug of tea can make you feel good on a cold day, but did you know tea is actually good for you? From cancer prevention and immune system support to controlling cholesterol and high blood pressure, there are many health benefits associated with drinking tea. Here’s what you need to know: … Read more

Living with Pain: Lean into it

Most of what I write about in this blog is derived from the science of pain management. But, I also find lessons about coping with pain in daily life. Those lessons often correspond to science-based recommendations. Today I want to talk about something I have learned through spin class. If you are an indoor or … Read more

Spinal Stenosis

WHAT CAUSES SPINAL STENOSIS? Spinal stenosis usually occurs as a person ages. Disks in the back/spine become drier and bones and ligaments of the spine thicken or grow larger and begin to bulge. This can be caused by arthritis or degeneration of the discs. Spinal stenosis may also be caused by: ° Arthritis of the … Read more