Chiropractic for Pain Relief


Pain sufferers spend a lot of time researching different options for pain relief and pain management – with varying results. What works well for one person does not for another, and there are many options available to achieve the goal of pain relief.  Chiropractic treatments for pain relief are one such option that many says … Read more

How Healing Touch Therapy Works


Florence Nightingale believed in it. So do Native Americans and shamans in African culture. And the Chinese began using it as long as 5,000 years ago. We’re talking about Healing Touch, or more specifically, the art of energy medicine. At its most basic level, Healing Touch is an integrative medicine approach involving the use of … Read more

Pain Pumps

Pain Pumps

“The pain went from my mid-back all the way to the toes of both my feet, he recalls. I was in agony. I couldn’t work. I couldn’t do anything. I was basically just inhabiting my bedroom.” Oral and injectable pain medications worked for a while, but eventually the medicines only put him to sleep, and … Read more