How To Get Rid Of Stabbing Pain In The Bum During The Period? 7 Effective Ways Explained!

Stabbing Pain In The Bum During The Period

Have you ever wondered why you experience stabbing pain during your period? Even though this particular symptom isn’t spoken about very often, be assured that it’s completely normal, even if this cramp is more painful than you’re used to. Prostaglandins are hormones that are secreted during periods. In essence, they instruct your body to expel … Read more

Pain Triangle – How Chronic Pain, Cognitive, And Emotional Related?

Pain Triangle

The ‘pain triangle’ paradigm provides patients with a lot of information and potential avenues for healing despite its seeming simplicity. However, there are many competing ideas and models that make it difficult, if not impossible, for persons with chronic pain to make sense of their experiences. How Can Pain Triangle Affect Those Who Experience Pain? … Read more