Celebrities With Somatic Symptom Disorder! How They Diagnosed It?

Somatic symptom disorder is a kind of physical symptom that can not be explained by any known physical or mental disorder. That being said, people usually believe that the patients suffering from this disorder are faking the symptoms, which is not true at all. These symptoms are real and often misdiagnosed because of the fact that they can not be clinically explained. And this is very different from situations where some people with a made-up disorder act as if there is an illness or injury so that they can grab your attention.

Celebrities are the ones who suffer the most from somatic symptom disorder. This number comes in a larger number of female celebrities than their male counterparts. These cognitive and physical symptoms disrupt a celebrity’s daily life as well as their personal relationships.

Celebrities With Somatic Symptom Disorder

Unfortunately, the diagnosis can be hard and confusing given the fact that the symptoms move over time and no one can explain why it is happening. Their field of work is hectic and full of busy schedules. This makes them more prone to psychological stress and mental fatigue. Ultimately, it can cause more pain as the symptoms gradually start to intensify. 

Types of somatic symptom disorders

There are mainly 6 types of somatic symptom disorders that are most commonly diagnosed among celebs. These are –

  • Somatization disorder
  • Pain disorder
  • Body dysmorphic disorder
  • Conversion disorder
  • Hypochondriasis
  • Undifferentiated somatoform disorder

Famous patients

One of the famous celebrities suffering from somatic symptom disorder is David Beckham. He suffers from chronic facial and back pain from previous injuries. Apart from him, Howie Mandel, Charlie Sheen, Michael Jackson, and Oprah Winfrey are some of the noteworthy names who have this disorder.


The diagnosis process for this disorder requires every individual patient to go through a special set of routines. Usual symptoms that are found commonly among the patients consist of some unexplained physical symptoms for a minimum of six months.

Furthermore, specific symptoms experienced by individuals, such as Ariana Grande and Priyanka Chopra, are varied from chronic pain to gastrointestinal problems. Although the physical symptoms are not always shown, the exact location of the symptoms generally changes place over time. There is a difference in the severity and kind of pain as well. According to Johnny Depp, his pain is persistent and it lingers indefinitely. Also, it has no explainable underlying cause. Thus, somatic symptom disorder is very hard to treat.

Most of the time, this comes coupled with the cognitive disorder in celebrities like Britney Spears or Timothy Olyphant as well. This includes several mood disorders and the aftermath of the disease from a personal point of view, such as a lot of anxiety and overthinking, and sometimes even destructive thoughts like the impending doom of death. This explains the erratic behavior some of these celeb patients have shown previously.

Physicians believe that the main cause of somatic symptom disorder is more psychological than physical. This happens when the expectation for pain starts a chain reaction of events in the entire body and then the pain settles in one or several specific parts of the body. The disorder is considered minimal when there is only one cognitive symptom like tension or stress. It becomes a moderate disorder when there is more than one cognitive symptom like stress as well as overthinking. Finally, this condition is considered severe if there are several cognitive symptoms present at a time, as well as many somatic symptoms, such as chronic pain. 

In a nutshell

Ironically, the news of a celebrity having somatic symptom disorder gets out only when the conditions become serious and out of control. Mental support from friends and family is the foremost priority for these patients.

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