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Brotherly Love and Devotion Helps NFL Star’s Sister Tackle Fibromyalgia


In the spring issue of PainPathways, Dominique Easley, defensive lineman for the New England Patriots, discusses his biggest play yet, Easley’s Awareness, an advocacy organization created to help raise awareness and provide funding for fibromyalgia research. Easley founded this organization in honor of his sister, Destinee, who was diagnosed at the age of 12.

Easley has set out on a personal crusade to find a cure for this disease, which affects more than 15 million Americans. Through his organization, Easley says he hopes his public persona will lead people to the Easley’s Awareness website. “The website is a way for people to share their ideas about things that help them feel better and find places to go for help,” says Easley.

Other features in the NEW issue:

•  A Guide to Peripheral Neuropathy and Pain
•  5 Steps to Mindful Caregiving
•  Rewiring the Brain to Heal
•  SI Joint Pain & Relief
•  Sleep and Pain
•  The Importance of Early Cancer Pain Management

And much more!

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