How Running Can Cause Your Hip Pain? Facts To Know!


Running has always been considered in the top list when it comes to sports, exercise, and more. Even though running as an exercise contributes many benefits to your cardiovascular and other body health. It can also cause the development of hip pain.

Hip Pain- Causes And Prevention

The hip is actually a joint between the femur and pelvis including the area adjacent to the joint. Hip pain is a common problem seen in many people. Running can cause tightness, stress, and strain on the Hip.

Running Can Cause Your Hip Pain

Hip pain due to running can be caused due to different sub reasons. This article will help you to understand the reasons, prevention, and more about Hip pain.

Causes of Hip Pain

Hip flexor tendonitis, stress fractures, and osteoarthritis are the most common causes of Hip pain. But still, there are many causes that influence the development of Hip pain. Let’s get to know each cause and some details about them.

  • Tendinitis / Tendonitis

Tendinitis is the formation of inflammation on the tendon which is a thick fibrous cord that attaches muscle to bone.

Any tear in the gluteus medius tendon can result in outer hip pain. Any type of injury, wear, tear, or overuse might lead to pain in the hip area or joint.

Tendonitis can be controlled by avoiding the activities that require putting excessive stress on your tendons. You can practice cross-training or mixing different exercises, and consulting professionals for proper exercise guidelines, stretching, and strengthening exercises will also help.

  • Hip pointer

Falling or some other types of impacts can cause the formation of a bruise causing Hip pointer. The symptoms include pain and tenderness in the area. A break from the existing activities can help and fasten the recovery.

Rest, icing, and compression can be used to improve the condition. Recovery can be achieved ranging from a few weeks to a few months according to the severity.

  • Bone fractures

Breaking the hip can be caused due to accidents, falls, or any other sports injuries. Bone fracture is commonly seen in older people due to their weak bones. The complications of such incidents are life-threatening.

The affected leg can only be moved little or not at all and also causes severe pain in the affected area.

  • IT band syndrome (ITBS)

The syndrome can be caused by the overuse of connective tissues of the outer thigh and knee.

The syndrome can affect runners resulting in pain and tenderness in the hip, knee, and thigh.

  • Labral cartilage tears

Any injury caused to the labrum (the soft tissue that covers the acetabulum (socket) of the hip) results in Labral cartilage tears.

Pain or stiffness, clocking, or locking sound in the hip area at the time of any movement are some of the symptoms of Labral cartilage tears.

Other Causes Include

Weakness and Overuse

When it comes to running, it requires putting a lot of force on the hips. A weak body might not be able to withstand the bodyweight of the person, and the force on his legs. The use of a weak body to run can result in the occurrence of hip pain.

Likewise, overuse of the body might result in various injuries. Overuse puts a lot of stress on the body.  It is suggested to incorporate different types of exercise like cycling, swimming, weight lifting to reduce the formation of pain and improve muscular strength.

Prevention and Treatment

Prevention is the best method to avoid the condition. Always try to take some rest during the exercises. Try to do shortening and strengthening exercises and always try to stretch before and after exercises.

If the condition worsens, try to consult a medical professional. You may require to go for x-ray scanning or other studies. The physician will help you with the required treatments.


Running is one of the best methods to exercise and many people are following this method. It will help you to burn fat, increase flexibility, and many more.

But excessive or forced running, or injuries caused during running can result in Hip pain.

There are treatments for patients, but it is better to prevent them before their occurrence.

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