Helpful Advice for Organizing Your Medical Records


In her role as a teacher, Donna Bryan nurtures young minds. When she’s not teaching, she acts as a caregiver, creating a nourishing environment for her diabetic father. Through trial and error, Donna produced a series of medical templates to help track her dad’s medicine, blood sugar and carbs. She shares these templates with his … Read more

A Patient Advocate Shares Her Best Advice for Caregivers


We all know that patient advocates focus on patients’ care. But if you’re a caregiver who needs assistance, a medical advocate can help you too, with everything from driving your loved one to doctors’ visits to helping you navigate health insurance. Gina Hannah Gina Hannah is a patient advocate, part of a growing industry of laypeople dedicated to helping meet … Read more

Reducing Caregiver Stress by Improving Communication

Reducing Caregiver Stress by Improving Communication

If the person you care for is in pain, your caregiver stress can be high…especially when it comes to communication. Talking to someone in pain isn’t easy, and it’s hard to know when to not talk and simply listen. Perhaps the person you care for needs medical help but is refusing to get it? Suppose their pain … Read more