A Patient Advocate Shares Her Best Advice for Caregivers


We all know that patient advocates focus on patients’ care. But if you’re a caregiver who needs assistance, a medical advocate can help you too, with everything from driving your loved one to doctors’ visits to helping you navigate health insurance. Gina Hannah Gina Hannah is a patient advocate, part of a growing industry of laypeople dedicated to helping meet … Read more

Become a U.S. Pain Foundation Ambassador


Would you like to be a campaigner, representative, promoter, educator, champion, supporter, backer or booster? The word ambassador is derived from the Old High German ambaht, meaning “service,” and service to the pain community is the focus of every U.S. Pain Ambassador. Also referred to as pain warriors, Ambassadors are committed to creating pain awareness and generating change … Read more

Advocacy—Creating a Pain Awareness Event


Over 100 million Americans live with chronic pain, and advocates are key to educating others about pain-related issues. In the previous issue, we outlined ten ways to advocate, but one of the best ways to harness the power of advocacy and make a specific contribution is to organize an educational pain event. September is National Pain … Read more

Celebrities and Chronic Pain

Celebrities and Chronic Pain

Many celebrities have graced the covers of PainPathways and told their stories to our readers. There are many more who are familiar with pain both on and off the set. When it comes to celebrities and chronic pain, those who share their experiences can be an inspiration to fans and create awareness for pain-related conditions. Here’s a … Read more