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Become a U.S. Pain Foundation Ambassador


Would you like to be a campaigner, representative, promoter, educator, champion, supporter, backer or booster?

The word ambassador is derived from the Old High German ambaht, meaning “service,” and service to the pain community is the focus of every U.S. Pain Ambassador. Also referred to as pain warriors, Ambassadors are committed to creating pain awareness and generating change within the medical community. They also empower those afflicted with pain and give them the tools they need to find their own paths to wellness.

Getting to Know You

So we can begin to get to know you, prospective Pain Ambassadors are asked these questions:

•  Why do you wish to be an advocate for those living with chronic pain?

•  Please finish this sentence: As a U.S. Pain Ambassador, I am interested in volunteering my time to…

•  For those living with pain, please tell us briefly about your pain journey.

•  How long have you lived with the disease, how has it affected you and your family?

•  What types of treatments (Western and complementary) have helped you?

•  If you are a healthcare provider, please tell us how long have you worked in the medical field, and your connections to pain medicine.

•  If you are a caregiver, please tell us how being a caregiver has changed your life.

•  Who is it that you care for, and for how long has your loved one been dealing with chronic pain?

•  What, if anything, has this experience taught you?


When you become a U.S. Pain Foundation Ambassador you will receive an email packet that contains information on how to raise awareness and advocate, as well as a welcome package by mail with additional materials to get you started. In addition, the director of ambassadors & advocates will walk you through the materials and teach you how to use them. U.S. Pain knows that Ambassadors will be as successful as the support, tools, and resources are given to them. That’s why the Pain Ambassador Program:

•  provides step-by-step instructions to Ambassadors for setting up pain awareness events, as well as personal guidance from our director of ambassadors & advocates, who are always only a phone call away.

•  offers a U.S. Pain Ambassador blog and forum, both available by invitation only to all Ambassadors

•  maintains an Ambassadors’ Facebook page for posting events, activities, opportunities for involvement, stories, announcements, photos, and more

•  supplies each Ambassador with an Ambassador subscription to PainPathways magazine

•  holds advocacy summits to exchange ideas, get to know fellow pain warriors, and recognize triumphs and work well done.

•  honors our Ambassadors by selecting an ‘Ambassador of the Month’ and featuring him/her in the Ambassador newsletter.

•  is open to Pain Ambassadors’ ideas and creativity in planning events

U.S. Pain Foundation values and honors our Ambassadors, relying on them to connect with others and become the voice of pain and hope in their communities. According to Director of Ambassadors Shaina Smith, “In essence, our Pain Ambassadors make up who we are as an organization. They personify courage, determination, and inspiration.” {PP}

PainPathways Magazine

PainPathways Magazine

PainPathways is the first, only and ultimate pain magazine. First published in spring 2008, PainPathways is the culmination of the vision of Richard L. Rauck, MD, to provide a shared resource for people living with and caring for others in pain. This quarterly resource not only provides in-depth information on current treatments, therapies and research studies but also connects people who live with pain, both personally and professionally.

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