How To Relieve Stomach Pain? Ideal Ways To Get Rid Of Pain!

How To Relieve Stomach Pain

Pain is disgusting in any form. Any mild pain can affect the day-to-day routine of an individual. Stomach pain is the most common one among them. People struggle with pain irrespective of age.

Abdominal pain is referred to as the pain that may be experienced between the chest and grin of a person. We commonly call this area as belly or stomach. Sometimes you may feel like the entire thing is knotted in your belly, or the belly is burning inside, nauseous, stabbing or throbbing pain, etc. You are in such a position that you don’t want to even move. We naturally go for home remedies and try to control the stomach pain.

We are well aware that serious health problem is not the root cause of our stomach pain and we won’t panic about it. 

What Are The Reasons For Stomach Pain?

Infections in the digestive tract, constipation, food allergies, bowel blockage, food poisoning, and allergies can be the causes of stomach pain that can be neglected as they are less important and can be cured easily.

How To Relieve Stomach Pain

It can be a symptom of serious health disorders such as colon cancer, appendicitis, and all. Anyway, stomach pain, if falling on you at regular intervals, needs to be addressed, or treated properly. Quick diagnosis and early interventions can treat any medical condition easily. 

The stomach or abdomen is actually a very complicated location in the human body. Many organ systems take up the place including the digestive system, reproductive system, excretory system, and so on. The reason for pain in the abdominal area can be any major or minor issue related to any of these systems.

Also, we commonly call the discomfort in the abdominal area a stomach ache; it can result from any abnormality caused by the organs located there. We have many vital internal organs situated in this particular area including the stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and intestines. The reason behind stomach pain can be different as per the affected area. 

Different Types Of Stomach Pain?

There can be different types of abdominal pain. It may differ in the intensity or severity of pain as well as the area. You may experience pain in the abdominal wall, and muscles, or at times you can spot the location in which the pain is originating. You may feel like the pain is coming from another part of your body such as the chest, or back. You may also experience pain while you move. 

Mild or severe, burning sensation or ache, a throbbing pain, there are a lot. A feeling of bloating is very common followed by nausea and dizziness. The sharp pain usually in the lower part of your belly is very common in women. We can also see that abdominal pain is commonly accompanied by diarrhea. Whatever the way you feel, it is a real discomfort. 

Different causes of Stomach Pain?

Your health care provider will not neglect your stomach pain as it can be a symptom of different health issues. 

Most commonly stomach pain is not serious. Menstruation, infection, and digestion are the major areas of concern when it comes to stomach pain. Inflammation in a different part of the body can cause severe stomach pain. Acidity, Urinary tract infection, ulcer, and a common flue can cause inflammation in the abdominal area and may cause pain.  

Most of the time, females are the victims of stomach pain as it can be related to the reproductive cycle. Menstruation and ovulation are counted as the common causes. 

It is not easy to diagnose the reason for your stomach pain. If you describe the actual spot of the pain, your doctor may be able to relate to the cause. 

stomach pain

If you are suffering from stomach pain in the upper right part of your stomach, you can relate it to the kidney, intestines, and liver. It can be caused by liver diseases, kidney stones, kidney or gallbladder inflammation, bowel obstruction, or even bile, gall bladder, or liver cancer. 

The stomach, pancreas, and spleen can be seen in the upper left part of the abdominal area. The area is also related to the heart and lungs. So, doctors usually relate pain in the upper left part of the stomach by analyzing related symptoms to an inflammation of the pancreas, enlarged spleen, gastric problems, and stomach cancer. 

If you feel like the pain is beginning from your chest, it can be related to ulcer, acidity, cardiac issues, chest pain, pneumonia, and artery blockage since the chest contains the heart and lungs. 

Pain in the lower part of the abdomen is very common. It is normal in women as the changes in the reproductive cycle may cause it. Along with gastric disorder, lower abdominal pain can be in the ovaries, uterus, and urethra. It can also be symptoms of colon cancer or hernia. 

Is Stomach Pain Very Common?

Stomach pain is a very common health issue that is found in people irrespective of age. The stomach is not always a reason to worry. Small tips and home remedies can be applied to cure it. If the pain is continuous and often repeated it is better to consult your health care provider to know the reason. 

Treatments For Severe Stomach Pain

We cannot always neglect stomach pain as it can be severe and continues to disturb the daily routine. We have to do something for curing it. To be on the far side, it is good to consult your doctor and diagnose the cause. If you are well aware that the pain is not serious you can opt for several; methods for treating them. Here are a few treatment methods for stomach pain. 


There are several over-the-counter medicines available for stomach pain. Medicines like Mylanta and gas X helps to recover from gastric pain. It is suggested to use Medicines like GERD or Pepcid AC for acidity. You can use any branded laxative for constipation. People opt for pain killers such as Panadol, and aspirin for relieving the pain.


There are so many devices available in the market for relieving stomach pain. The hot water bag is the traditional one. Now we have electric stimulators and thermoelectric heating bags available for the purpose.


Exercises and yoga poses are also helpful to relieve pain. Bridge pose, wind relieving pose, and reclined twists are highly suggested in Yoga. Stretching exercises are also useful. 


The best diet plan which is suitable for your health condition may work better than any medication. Ginger can relieve you from nausea and vomiting caused by digestive problems. Taking ginger regularly will ease digestion too. Chamomile, peppermint, licorice, and flaxseed are best suitable for healthy guts. 

The Fastest Way To Cure A Stomachache

Stomachache is a condition from which we wanted to escape fast. There are a few tips for easy and fast pain relief if the cause of the pain is not serious. A hot water bag is the best remedy for your belly pain. It is not good to lie down instead you can stretch and sit. Use ginger and mint in your drink. Avoid smoking and alcohol while it is paining. You can also use over-the-counter medicines for quick pain relief. It is necessary to drink enough water as most of the causes of stomach pain can be cured by drinking water. 

How Long Do Stomach Aches Last?

There is no written rule for the duration of your stomach ache. It may trouble you for hours. Normally, if there is no severe or serious cause, the stomach e ache should go within two hours. Digestion and gastric problems can be fixed in two hours by the human body. If the pain is continuing after 2 hours and strengthens its severity, you should rush to your doctor. 

Best Positions For Easing Stomach Pain When Lying? 

It is not easy to lie down while the stomach is paining. But lying in the recommended posture may help you. Make sure that you are wearing loose cloth when your stomach hurt. It is good to choose the left side for sleeping as it helps in digestion and bowel movements. It is an easy posture for your reproductive system too. If you are lying on your back, see that a pillow is supporting your pelvic area. 

When To See A Doctor For Stomach Pain?

It is necessary to know when we should see a doctor for stomach pain as we tend to neglect stomach pain in most cases. You have to examine the related symptoms to identify the necessity of consulting a doctor. Vomiting and nausea along with stomach pain can be complicated.

Constipation also needs to be addressed if it prolongs for more than 24 hours. Blood stains in the saliva, vomiting blood, breathing difficulty, pain while touching the abdomen, yellow shade in eyes and skin, vaginal bleeding, and difficulty in urination are the other situations to be taken care of.

For pregnant women, it is not advisable to take the risk. Get your doctors to advise if you have stomach pain. 

Final Thoughts

Stomach pain is a very common problem. Any abnormality of your digestive processes, kidney, liver spleen, and even heart and lungs may result in stomach pain. You have to examine yourself and get to know your pain. If you feel it is serious along with other symptoms, have immediate medical intervention.

If the pain is mild and not accompanied by other symptoms, you can try home remedies like ginger and over-the-counter medicines. 

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