What Causes Joint Pain In Children? Key Factors and Remedies

What Causes Joint Pain In Children

Joint pain is discomfiture, inflammation, and pain, from anything which makes a joint.  Whether that is cartilage, bone, ligaments, tendons, or muscles. 

If there’s no serious underlying condition (which is usually marked by their persistence and severity), joint pain in children can be normal, if it is a sprain from playing sports or rough-and-tumble play that children indulge in. Or even injuries that come from not having the capacity to understand that some things may be dangerous, even if they may at first seem innocent and fun, which is where you as their parent or guardian would step in. From such things, you may have scraped elbows, impact shock on a funny bone, scraped knees, scratches, bruises, mild burns from not understanding what heat, friction is, or rubbing irritated sweaty skin, etc. 

Is It A Serious Issue For Kids To Have Joint Pain?

Normal wounds which children acquire in the course of their particularly youthful and energetic phase in life.

What Causes Joint Pain In Children

If joint pain arises from these factors, there’s nothing to worry about, these wounds will heal, just be sure that children relax and flex gently their injured joints so that they don’t heal in place, even if it may be painful, that is if it’s from a particularly serious and deep wound, but disinfect, clean and wrap the wound, consult your doctor and then consider that step.

For joint pain which may hint  at something more concerning, the following possibilities are likely: 

1. Leukemia 

2. Lyme Disease 

3. Paediatrician’s Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 

4. Childhood and Adolescent Depression

5. Sleep Apnea (partially linked with below) 

6. Childhood Obesity 

7. Hypermobility Syndrome 

8. Trauma 

9. Rheumatic Fever 

10. Various orthopedic conditions, such as seronegative spondyloarthropathies

Symptoms of Joint Pain in Children 

Joint pain in children can have the following co-symptoms, which could hint at  something more severe: 

1. Joint swelling or tenderness 

2. A limp or walking trouble. 

3. Fever 

4. Sudden loss of weight 

5. Rashes 

6. Appetite loss 

7. Fatigue cases and weakness 


For where there are no underlying causes outside of typical physical injury:

1. A warm bath before bed. 

2. A gentle massage in the affected area. If you are usually physically affectionate with your child, you could consider holding them to make them feel better. 

3. Gentle stretching of the calves. Question your doctor for specific exercises if the condition persists. 

4. A heating pad that is warm in temperature, if it’s too hot, can add to the injuries. 

5. A painkiller that has been approved for children, with a dose that is appropriate,  keeping in mind your child’s allergies, if any. You could use ibuprofen, acetaminophen (paracetamol) which comes in Tylenol, or any other safe and mild painkiller. 

6. Add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to one tablespoon of coconut oil and massage it over the area. 

7. Add a piece of ginger to boiling water. Let it cool down, then apply to the affected area with a washcloth at a lukewarm temp. 

8. Turmeric paste. 

9. Juice of Lemon with sesame oil can be applied over the knee (if affected) to relieve pain

What To Do When Your Kid Starts Complaining About Joint Pain?

It’s most likely to be something minor and easily solvable as mentioned early in this article, but with help from this, your doctor, self-care, and a little heightened awareness, everything should be fine.

For serious conditions please meet the relevant specialist. 

Final Thoughts 

Joint pains in children are generally nothing to worry too much about, outside of your natural concern for your child, but in the case of severe conditions, there is sufficient literature and help to treat and mitigate. So, be unworried.

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