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Wisdom Teeth

Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Neck Pain? Are They Related?

Dr. Edward ZelmanMay 15, 20236 min read

Many people have had a lot of issues with wisdom teeth coming in, and we hear a lot of questions about whether they can cause neck pain. The short answer is yes, but there are also lots of other things…

Do Yopain Below The Shoulder Blade, Causes And Diagnosis Of Scapular Pain

Do You Feel A Sharp Stabbing Pain Below The Shoulder Blade? – Causes And Diagnosis Of Scapular Pain!

Sandra_ObrienMay 15, 20236 min read

Scapular pain, or in everyday words, shoulder blade pain, is widespread nowadays. A shoulder blade is a bone in the upper back protected by many ligaments and tendons. These ligaments, tendons, and shoulder blades are the responsible unit for the movement of our arm. What Is Scapular Pain Or Shoulder…

Nervogen Pro Reviews

Nervogen Pro Reviews – Is This Pain Relief Medicine Worth Buying? (Real Independent Feedback)

Dr. Edward ZelmanMay 13, 202316 min read

Nervogen Pro Reviews(2023 Updated): Nervogen Pro is a unique health supplement that is designed to assist people in keeping neuropathy under control and this Nervogen Pro review is for everyone who is looking for an honest analysis of the popular supplement. According to Kevin Miller, the creator of Nervogen Pro, the…

Various Exercises To Relieve The Pain Of Sacroiliac Joints

Various Exercises To Relieve The Pain Of Sacroiliac Joint!

Dr. Edward ZelmanMay 12, 20236 min read

Back pain is a very common problem. Approximately, 65 million people – 8 percent of all adults experience severe back pain. Back pain is a threat to the country as it affects the number of workdays and works quality. Among these, 15 to 30 percent are caused by problems with the…