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Meet Dr. Edward Zelman:
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Dr. Edward Zelman started PainPathways to help people with chronic pain live a healthier life. The blog provides accurate information on pain management and empowers individuals to define their own path to wellness. It fosters community and collaboration among its readers and partners, making it a valuable resource for anyone seeking support and guidance.


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GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)also known as acid reflux happens when the digestive acids in our stomach; travel back up the food tract or esophagus. This is not an abnormal thing; it happens now and then but when it becomes too…

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The lower left side of the abdomen area has the left ovary in cases of women and the last part of the colon. People often report pain in that area,…

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Imagine a world where distraction is considered bliss. In the world of virtual reality (VR), everything is possible. In recent years, virtual reality has widened its vistas beyond gaming and…