The Light Code Reviews – A Collection of Audio Tracks To Reduce Anxiety!

The Light Code Reviews

Are you tired of having stress-relieving pills and attending counseling sessions that empty your pocket? It is common to feel devastated these days. People hardly find happiness. 

I have come across The Light Code reviews that are made by John Bass to give help the world with the healing effects of 432Hz audio tracks. He is considered to be a man of music when dealing with the possibilities of audio tracks with different frequencies. 

The Light Code Reviews – Does These 7 Music By John Bass Help You To Enhance Your Chakras?

As mental health and physical health are equally important to us, we have to think twice before committing to anything that can influence us.

Here, I am analyzing The Light Code to know more about its efficacy, customer review, and benefits of The Light Code audio track.

The Light Code Reviews
Program nameThe Light Code
Used ForManifestation
CreatorJohn Bass
Designed To Smash Anxiety, Increase Positive Emotions, And Create Massive Motivation using 7 steps
Program formatAudio track
Number of tracks7 tracks
ContentsLevel 1 (Highest) – 432Hz Pure Frequency Only
Level 2 (Intermediate) – 432Hz Frequency + Brain Entrainment Music
Level 3 (Gentle) – Brain Entrainment Music Only
Audio Duration60-minute version
Musical StagesDay 1 – Root Chakra
Day 2 – Sacral Chakra
Day 3- Solar Plexus Chakra
Day 4 – Heart Chakra
Day 5 – Throat Chakra
Day 6 – Third Eye Chakra
Day 7 – Crown Chakra
Benefits and features
  • Help you give away the negative thought
  • Help you to develop your own manifestation mindset. 
  • Improve your physical health. 
  • Help you find the strength to get resistance towards being stressed.
  • Act as a motive force to your manifestation powers. 
  • Get financially successful
  • BonusBonus 1: Emerald Code Audio 
    Bonus 2: Unicorn in The Secret Garden Audio 
    Bonus 3: Blank Slate audio
    Bonus 4: Unconditional Love Audio
    Bonus 5: The Harp of Relaxation Audio
    Bonuses 6 – 10: The Library of Emotions

    Money back60 days money back
    AvailabilityOnly through the Official Website
    Official WebsiteClick Here

    What is The Light Code? 

    The Light Code is a collection of 7 audio tracks with 432Hz brain entrainment tones, noted for their anti-anxiety and calm-promoting properties. The tracks are available online through the official website of The Light Code music program.

    According to the creator, the audio tracks are made by using a simple 7-step method to fight against anxiety and increase positive emotions. The tracks are considered to be a mass motivation. The official website promised to transform the user into a new uplifted and self-motivated soul. 

    Who is the creator of The Light Code Manifestation Audio Track? 

    The Light Code is combined by a musician named John Bass who works with 432Hz audio tracks. He considered that listening regularly to the 432Hz audio system is the easiest way in this universe to transform into a new person who is not worried about anxiety or stress.

    He focused all his music-related spirits on The Light Code Music track with the intention of uplifting suffering souls. 

    The Light Code Creator

    What is included in The Light Code Brain Entertainment Audio track? 

    The Light Code is a package of 7 audio tracks in 3 levels of intensity. You will be given the morning versions that are 12 minutes long and a 60 minutes long version that is meant for evenings. Here is the list of 3 different levels of audio tracks. 

    • Level 1 (Highest) – 432Hz Pure Frequency Only
    • Level 2 (Intermediate) – 432Hz Frequency + Brain Entrainment Music
    • Level 3 (Gentle) – Brain Entrainment Music Only

    How does John Bass‘s The Light Code Audio Track work?

    A fearful and worried mind always holds you back. It never allows you to grow. You cannot be successful in any of your endeavors including personal and professional. With a stressful mind, your health also won’t work properly. You may feel like getting your old energy back. Al, these are the symptoms of anxiety and stress. You will feel lonely and neglected too.

    The light Code Audio is said to be a collection of 432Hz frequency audio Tracks set in different resonances to vibrate and lift your mood. The creator of the tracks claims that if you listen to the tracks as per the instructions, you will feel the difference in mood and ambiance within hours. The power of the music will grad you to other surroundings where there is no negative energy to haunt you.

    As per The Light Code reviews, You will feel free and organized. According to the official website, the remarkable changes The Light Code Manifestation Audio Entertainment can make within you include a new world that is vibration dominant and real. It is suggested to continue listening to the tracks for at least 7 days to make your mood stable.

    It is also recommended to listen as long as possible for an elevated soul. The Light Code bonus tracks are also considered to be beneficial as they deal with all the important emotions that should be well balanced for a man’s mental well-being. 

    The Light Code Working

    Benefits of The Light Code Brain Entertainment Music Track

    According to the Official Website, John Bass’s The Light Code will provide the customer with a number of spiritual, mental, and emotional benefits.

    The user has to do nothing but listen to the audio tracks to enjoy the following The Light Code benefits. 

    • The Light Code audio tracks help you give away the negative thought within you that act as an obstacle on your way to success. 
    • Help you to develop your own manifestation mindset. 
    • You will also experience improvement in your physical health. 
    • Help you find the strength to get resistance towards being stressed.
    • Act as a motive force to your manifestation powers. 
    • You will be financially successful as you perform well in your profession or business. 
    • There will be a world of reality that you are always in need of. 
    • You will be more productive. 
    • You will find true love and will be able to meet and choose someone who can share the next stage of your life. 
    The Light Code Benefits

    What is To Like and What is Not To Like?


    • The Light Code audio track is a method of relaxation without harmful, additive, pills with side effects. 
    • The user can listen to the track where ever he is. 
    • Improve confidence level
    • 60 days 100% money back guarantee. 
    • 10 bonus tracks that help you to elevate your mood and emotions. 
    • Easy to order and receive the tracks. 
    • Not related to any religion.


    • Available only on the official website. 
    • Cannot identify the difference as there is no one to monitor the user. 

    Who is “The Light Code” for?

    According to the official website, The Light Code is meant for people who are suffering from stress and anxiety that demotivate them from success. The mental, as well as physical well-being, will be affected because of the haunting negative energy.

    The Light Code music track is can be used by people who are suffering from these problems and wanted to find solace. According to the official website, the music track is worked based on the healing effects of the 432Hz audio track.

    The Light Code Customer reviews and complaints

    By analyzing eth available customer reviews that are reported through The Light Code reviews, we can say that most of the customers are happy about the effects of John Bass’s The Light Code Audio on their psyche and wee-being. There are no comments on the negative effect or inefficacy of the product. 

    Wendy Lou considered the creator of The Light Code John Bass as a driving force in the manifestation of his business. The frequencies of the audio tracks give him healing effects that manifested a positive change in his life. 

    Katherine was stressed and was not able to express herself. She always felt an obstacle in her way to success. The audio tracks of The Light Code manifestation audio track elevated her confidence and she does not find any struggle to express her emotions and feeling to stop others. She looks attractive and joyful now. 

    James King found solace in the audio tracks during the beginning days and found it boring when days pass. The realization of trying to be calm made him disturbed. 

    Pricing and Availability of The Light Code Program

    The Light Code is available only online through the official website. There are no retailers for The Light Code. It is not available in any retail stores or e-commerce platforms like Amazon. 

    According to the official website price of The Light Code is $37. 

    The Light Code Bonuses

    If you are ready to spend $37 for The Light Code, the creator is ready to give you 10 additional bonuses free of cost. These 10 premium bonuses are meant for soothing, helping, and uplifting the mood that helps you lead an adverse life however difficult the situations are. 

    • Bonus 1: Emerald Code Audio: To help you to unleash positive momentum in your life. 
    • Bonus 2: Unicorn in The Secret Garden Audio: The audio will help you make an impact and compel others to want to be in your presence. You will be very attractive to others. 
    • Bonus 3: Blank Slate audio: These are helpful to diminish and wipe out negative energy in your life. 
    • Bonus 4: Unconditional Love Audio: These tracks make your life lovely by tuning your vibrations in resonance with love. 
    • Bonus 5: The Harp of Relaxation Audio: Wipes of the resistance that is hidden within you against total relaxation. 
    • Bonuses 6 – 10: The Library of Emotions: The Library of emotions is an audio track that is helpful to uplift and purifies your emotions. The audio tracks deal with the following emotions. 

    ✅. Bliss

    ✅. Joy


    ✅. Happiness

    ✅. Appreciation

    The Light Code Bonuses

    Final Verdict on The Light Code Reviews

    According to The Light Code reviews, The number of chaos on the planet earth is increasing day by day. Here, it is difficult to get rid of the negative energy and lead a peaceful life. The Light Code is a collection of audio tracks that are composed of 432Hz frequencies.

    The creator of the audio tracks made use of the healing and relaxing effects of 432Hz tracks. The official website advised people with stress, anxiety, confusion, lack of confidence, and obstacle toward success can make us of it.

    John Bass’s The Light Code Audio track is affordable for everyone and is attractive with around 10 The Light Code bonus tracks. The 60 days money-back policy will low to have a full refund within 60 days if you are not happy with the tracks. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Can I get personal advice from John Bass?

    Yes, you will be able to an appointment with John Bass, the creator of The light Code Tracks by mailing to the customer service team of The Light Code music track. 

    Q. What change can The Light Code Track make within me?

    The Light Code audio tracks are claimed to elevate your mood, relieve tension, and help you relax. The tracks will provide of help you have a complete uplifting of your soul. 

    Q. Is The Light Code audio composed based on any religion?

    No. The tracks have nothing to do with religion. A person from any culture and religion can make use of John Bass’s The Light Code manifesting music. 

    Q. What if I couldn’t see the expected result from The Light Code Audio track?

    If you are not satisfied with tracks, you can avail yourself of a full refund of the money that you paid by sending an email to the customer care team. The official website offers a 60 days 100% money-back guarantee. 

    Q. How many days should I listen to the tracks?

    There is no limit on days for listening to the music. The manufacturers recommend listening every day as much as possible to get the maximum effect.


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