Pain relief for extremities gets a smaller package

Wouldn’t it be great if neurostimulator companies would develop a device to provide pain relief for the extremities…without large battery packs and with an ergonomic-friendly design? If this is the type of nerve stimulator you’ve been waiting for, the wait is over. Historically, neurostimulation has involved the spinal cord. Few companies have developed peripheral nerve … Read more

Stress—Friend or Foe?

We’ve been given the impression that stress is the problem — something we have to eliminate or control. But stress reactions are a vital source of personal safety that need to be understood and valued. It’s when the brain’s alarm becomes hyperactive or mismatched to the level of real danger that our overreaction harms relationships and … Read more



The medical community has known for a long time that cold can help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. It’s widely used among athletes and in physical therapy, with therapists often recommending ice baths or cold compresses. A new alternative treatment known as cryotherapy, however, is taking cold therapy a lot further. “It’s a treatment that’s … Read more