Abdominal Pain When Coughing – Symptoms & Relief Methods

Whenever one experiences any irritation in the throat, our muscles contract to expel them.

This forces one to cough. Coughing, however, can be very painful sometimes. It can be extremely hurtful for the chest and abdomen to bear at that time.

Many people experience sharp or maybe mild pain at times while coughing. 

However, experiencing abdominal pain may not be very normal. It may also drop a clue concerning any underlying internal infection and injury.

Different Types Of Health Problems

Let us understand different health problems that can aggravate abdominal pain during coughing.

Abdominal pain

This will help to identify the symptoms and get them treated.

💦 Appendicitis

It is a health condition in which people tend to experience an inflammation in the appendix.

The appendix is a small organ that releases the secretions from the liver and pancreas to the stomach to help digestion.

However, this appendix may swell over time due to any infection.

Upon inflammation, it may give rise to abdominal pain, which can aggravate during coughing with force.

It can be treated through immediate surgery or very strong medications.

💦 Diverticular Disease

Diverticular disease is a serious kind of illness. It creates gaseous sacs in the colon.

It often bloats the abdominal region. These gaseous sacs often exert pressure on the kidneys.

As a result, many people may sometimes experience blood in their urine or stool.

One must be very conscious of these symptoms and immediately see a doctor. This problem can cause abdominal pain at times.

It can be, however, cured naturally with the help of a fibrous diet and consistently following a regular diet plan.

💦 Gallstones

As and when the quantity of bile and the pancreatic enzymes rich in protein increase in the bladder, these gallstones are formed. These gallstones are very harmful to the body.

They may result in causing severe abdominal pain, which may be difficult to bear at that time. Some people can experience jaundice as well.

Gallstones can increase gas and indigestion in people. They have to be surgically removed.

💦 Hernia

A disorder in bowel movement in the intestines usually causes a hernia.

Hernia is a serious condition wherein the movement of the muscles in the intestine is disoriented. It causes a lot of bloating in the abdominal region.

When one cough, the muscles in the abdomen are stretched further, and this causes unbearable pain, which can also be long-lasting. Hernia has to be cured as soon as possible.

If left untreated, it can result in cardiac arrests and strokes over time.

💦 Ovarian cysts

The sac-like structures around the ovaries in the form of small follicles are called cysts.

Most of the cysts are naturally occurring and are eliminated from the problem during menstruation.

However, after menopause, they may grow in size and, at times, become cancerous.

With the increase in size, they attach to the walls of the fallopian tubes.

As a result, whenever women cough, sneeze, or even run, they produce a sharp pain in the abdominal region. It can be cured through medications or surgery.

💦 Weakness In The Pelvic Muscles

If the pelvic muscles grow weak with time, they induce much pain and discomfort. Pelvic disorders are responsible for causing serious illness.

It makes the abdominal region very weak, due to which the capacity of the body to bear pain is exhausted.

As a result, men and women tend to experience abdominal pain during coughing and sometimes even walking.

💦 Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis can be fatal to the human body. It often increases the heart rate and even induces breathlessness over a minor activity.

In such a situation, it is important to note the symptoms of this disease.

One is likely to experience jaundice, high fever, continuous vomiting, and severe abdominal pain in this problem.

It is worth mentioning that if you experience extreme pain in the abdomen when coughing, which does not even mitigate with time, you should immediately visit a doctor for treatment.


After understanding these reasons which induce pain in the abdominal region, it is essential to be cautious about these symptoms.

Over time, the gravity of these problems can increase, and it may also prove fatal with time.

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