Can IBS Cause Back Pain? Is It Serious If Left Untreated?

It is never pleasant to have your stomach ache. Neither can you eat no sleep and all you can do is twist and turn on your bed.

However, having IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is much worse. This blog will help you know if IBS can cause your back to hurt.

What Is IBS?

IBS causes your digestive system to work haphazardly which in turn leads to constipation, stomach ache, cramps, and even diarrhea

Though there is no specific trigger to IBS, it is undoubtedly attributed to the pinching pain near your intestines.


A group of researchers also talked about something called “Referred Pain.”

Referred pain occurs when your brain sends pain signals to another body part instead of the point of origin. Back pain during IBS can be attributed to the same.

Causes For IBS

The pain in IBS includes multiple factors. Though not yet clear, researchers believe that it can be divided into three-

👉 Physical pain – It can include cramps when you digest food or when the intestines are put to work.

👉 Supersentivity or Hypersensitivity-  It refers to the unbearable pain one undergoes when food moves through the gastrointestinal walls. This can be due to some extra sensitive nerves one possesses.

👉 Brain malfunction- It is triggered when there is no smooth flow of communication between the nerves in your gut and your brain. This sends accidental signals causing immense pain.

What Is The Connection Between Back Pain And IBS?

In the absence of pain in the gut, many people have reportedly suffered pain in various other parts of the body thanks to IBS. So how does that happen?

Zeroing in on a particular reason is still a far cry from what we have achieved. There are however some plausible causes for the back pain-

👉 Physical Factors- This includes physical pain in your colons, bowels, and even due to the inability to pass gas.

👉 Referred Pain- As explained earlier this one is simple malfunctioning of our nerves.

👉 A Secondary Condition- Patients with Fibromyalgia, cystitis, and rheumatoid arthritis are prone to back pain because of the inflammatory nature of the condition.

Treatment For Back Pain

Before deciding on a treatment plan, make sure you find out why you are feeling the pain.

Treatment For Back Pain

Here we are suggesting some of the common panaceas for pain-

👉 Increased Physical activity

If you love their couch maybe it is time you start loving your running shoes. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to back pain and therefore exercising should be top on the list.

👉 Medicines

This one goes without saying and can be considered to be another good option. Acitomenaphens, Lidocaines, and NSAIDS can give your sure-shot relief.

Steroid injection under the guidance of a doctor might also be helpful.

👉 Alternative medicine

It includes acupuncture, Chiropractic therapies, Massages, and even Ayurveda have all seem to bring some solace to patients dealing with chronic pain.

Some of the healthcare workers even suggest Cognitive behavior therapy as well as a relaxation exercise.

👉 Altered Diet

As some of the pain is caused due to food moving through the digestive tract, you can take semi-solid or liquid food items.

Back Pain And Sleep

It’s hard to catch some sleep when your back hurts and ego there are some techniques one can follow to alleviate the same.

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Avoid going to sleep after strenuous activities. Take a break.

Do not eat or drink 4 hours before sleep. Maintain a timetable. Try to fill in the workout before you begin your day.

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