Discovering That I Have POTS

“In retrospect, I believe I have had POTS since 2010,” shared Sandra Fischler, a follower of our Facebook page. But like many with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, or POTS, Fischler didn’t receive an official diagnosis until many years later – 2016. And it was after a long and frustrating road dealing with worsening symptoms and a … Read more

How to get started on a Low-FODMAP diet

We hear a lot of talk about the benefits of a low-FODMAP diet. Two of our readers, Beth M. and Moana G., who have implemented a low-FODMAP diet have offered to share their experiences with us. If you’ve been considering this diet and are unsure about what you can eat, here’s how to get started. … Read more

Dominique Easley

Dominique Easley knows how to use his brawn on the football field to benefit the New England Patriots. A former University of Florida Gridiron star, Easley was listed as the No. 1 defensive tackle in the nation in 2010, later entering the National Football League player draft in 2014, where he was selected by the … Read more

PR: Happy New Year 2016

Happy 2016! Do you have your winter copy of PainPathways yet? This issue is packed full of great inspiration, including a story of how our cover celebrity, award-winning cyclist Robbie Ventura, fought his way through pain. After a devastating crash, this fierce competitor was in a dark place and shares his battle and how he got back … Read more

Is Pain Management Coaching Right For You?

Chronic pain has a life-crushing impact. Becky Curtis, founder and pain coach at Take Courage Coaching, knows this firsthand. After a near-fatal car accident and subsequent development of central nerve pain, she almost became another statistic. Here, we talk with her about how she transformed her experience into a personal coaching career that not only helps other … Read more

Men and Pain: How Do Guys Deal with Chronic Pain?

Since June is Men’s Health Month and manly Lou Ferrigno is gracing the cover of our summer issue, we want to put the spotlight on men. When dealing with chronic pain, do men cope differently than women and what do they have to say about their experiences? The differences between men and woman Many experts agree that … Read more

Celebrities and Chronic Pain

Celebrities and Chronic Pain

Many celebrities have graced the covers of PainPathways and told their stories to our readers. There are many more who are familiar with pain both on and off the set. When it comes to celebrities and chronic pain, those who share their experiences can be an inspiration to fans and create awareness for pain-related conditions. Here’s a … Read more

The Beauty of Photography

The Beauty of Photography

For 35 years, photography has played a starring role in Benita VanWinkle’s life.  From taking photos of celebrities to brides to the variety of animals at The Children’s Home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Benita has done it all. She’s gone from dark rooms to digital and has spent much of her career teaching and giving … Read more