Lisa Niemi Swayze Talks About Caregiving in the Public Eye

Lisa Niemi Swayze Talks About Caregiving in the Public Eye

Lisa Niemi Swayze talks about caregiving in the public eye. Patrick Swayze was an image of vitality for most people, bursting into the public eye with iconic performances in movies like The Outsiders, Ghost, and Dirty Dancing. And for more than 34 years, Lisa Niemi Swayze was by his side — first as a girlfriend, then as a wife, and finally, … Read more

What’s Causing My Knee Pain?

What’s Causing My Knee Pain

Knee pain is common among many individuals and the causes behind chronic or acute pains can be different. Adults involved in activities such as daily walking, running, standing, or lifting weights without proper preparative measures to ensure that the knees are protected, often complain of knee pain. Several other reasons could also cause pain in … Read more

Discovering That I Have POTS

“In retrospect, I believe I have had POTS since 2010,” shared Sandra Fischler, a follower of our Facebook page. But like many with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, or POTS, Fischler didn’t receive an official diagnosis until many years later – 2016. And it was after a long and frustrating road dealing with worsening symptoms and a … Read more

7 Chronic Pain Myths – and The Truth

Most people who suffer from chronic pain have encountered information that is sometimes presented as if it were factual but is completely myth. And within the pain community, this misinformation can get circulated to the point where pain sufferers are misled into making decisions for themselves that lead to little relief, big let-downs and even … Read more

Take advantage: the health benefits of eating chocolate

Back in 2016, we shared the power of chocolate for pain relief in a featured article from February. Now, just in time for Valentine’s Day this year, we’re back with even more benefits of that sweet treat that most everyone loves to eat. Experts tend to agree that the real benefits come from eating dark chocolate rather than milk … Read more