Lisa Niemi Swayze Talks About Caregiving in the Public Eye

Lisa Niemi Swayze Talks About Caregiving in the Public Eye

Lisa Niemi Swayze talks about caregiving in the public eye. Patrick Swayze was an image of vitality for most people, bursting into the public eye with iconic performances in movies like The Outsiders, Ghost, and Dirty Dancing. And for more than 34 years, Lisa Niemi Swayze was by his side — first as a girlfriend, then as a wife, and finally, … Read more

Ten Techniques to Help Improve the Relationship With Your Doctor

Patients who have good relationships with their physicians tend to have better outcomes. While this won’t change a patient’s outcome drastically, a recent study shows that it will change it in a statistically significant way – similar to how taking aspirin can reduce the risk of heart health. Additional research has found that when a physician can … Read more

Practical Advice for Parenting with Pain

Although parenting in pain may often be an uphill battle for many individuals, those who have “been there, done that” have some valuable insight into how to improve the process. Kathy Church, MSW, offers advice on chronic pain and age-specific parenting and says that the most important thing to remember about parenting with pain is … Read more

7 Steps to Maintaining Healthy Relationships When You Are in Pain

It might be helpful to reflect on how pain can impact relationships, both within families and among friends. Unfortunately pain can lead to stress. Stress can compromise relationships. Strained relationships lead to more stress. When the constant stress of pain invades interpersonal relationships, the results can cause divorce, loss of self-esteem, lack of sexual intimacy, … Read more