Using Flowers for Healing


Flowers are known to lift one’s spirits…but did you know they can providing physical as well as emotional healing? For centuries practitioners of medicine have used what Mother Nature provided as was readily available to provide healing and health improvements to people. The knowledge of the therapeutic properties of flowers spans time and cultures across … Read more

How to get started on a Low-FODMAP diet

We hear a lot of talk about the benefits of a low-FODMAP diet. Two of our readers, Beth M. and Moana G., who have implemented a low-FODMAP diet have offered to share their experiences with us. If you’ve been considering this diet and are unsure about what you can eat, here’s how to get started. … Read more

Pain relief for extremities gets a smaller package

Wouldn’t it be great if neurostimulator companies would develop a device to provide pain relief for the extremities…without large battery packs and with an ergonomic-friendly design? If this is the type of nerve stimulator you’ve been waiting for, the wait is over. Historically, neurostimulation has involved the spinal cord. Few companies have developed peripheral nerve … Read more

Take advantage: the health benefits of eating chocolate

Back in 2016, we shared the power of chocolate for pain relief in a featured article from February. Now, just in time for Valentine’s Day this year, we’re back with even more benefits of that sweet treat that most everyone loves to eat. Experts tend to agree that the real benefits come from eating dark chocolate rather than milk … Read more

The best way to choose the right slippers

The best way to choose the right slippers

Slippers…a common holiday gift and for good reason. Who doesn’t love a new, cozy pair of slippers each year, especially when they wear out so quickly? But slippers provide more than just comfort, especially for chronic pain sufferers, such as diabetics, folks with plantar fasciitis or those with back problems. Podiatrists recommend slippers over barefoot … Read more

Treating fibromyalgia with guidance for patients and physicians

Fibromyalgia is often an enigma for not only the person suffering from this condition but the physician treating them. Patients often feel like they are struggling to get help from their doctor – and doctors may struggle to accurately diagnose and treat fibro. Thankfully, there are physicians like Dr. Ginevra Liptan, to provide a cutting-edge … Read more

Pain and Genetics

With all the research being done in genetics, is there an application for pain sufferers? The short answer is yes – in pain sensitivity, prediction for chronic pain conditions and even determining which medication may be more beneficial in reducing pain. The long answer is that much of the research thus far is inconclusive and … Read more

Online Counseling: Help at Your Fingertips

Does America need a greater focus on mental health? Recent studies suggest that the answer may be yes. A 2016 study by Mental Health America revealed that 18.5 percent of American adults (43.7 million) were experiencing some form of mental health issue. And that’s just the adults: approximately 10 percent of young (12-17) Americans reported at least … Read more