Great gift ideas for a chronic pain sufferer

With the holidays approaching, many of you have started shopping for your friends and loved ones. Coming up with gift ideas for a chronic pain sufferer is challenging, but we’re here to help.

Last year, we compiled a list of our best holiday gifts for chronic pain sufferers. This year, we asked our Facebook followers and a few subject matter experts for their input on products they thought were perfect for someone who deals with chronic pain – so without further ado, here is our 2016 list:

The Original Stick

Who it’s good for: Athletes and non-athletes alike looking for relief of muscle pain or preparation of muscles for physical activity

What it does: The Stick converts non-compliant muscle to compliant muscle by performing what the company calls a “stripping massage”. It allows the user to self-perform therapeutic, massage-like procedures with a high degree of precision through unassisted rolling, stretching, twisting and compressing of the muscle. The Stick is designed to allow anyone to incorporate self-massage for trigger point therapy, muscle wellness and muscle recovery in their daily routine.

Price point: Ranges from $23.95 to $53.95

Recommended by: Facebook fan, Kara La France

Where to buy it: All models available at The Stick website but some products are also available at Dick’s Sporting Goods and AmazonPurchase from The Stick

UTK Far Infrared Electric Heat Therapy 15 by 19-Inch Jade Pad

Who it’s good for: People with back/lower back/neck/shoulder pain, needing muscle relaxation or suffering from conditions like arthritis and sciatica

What it does: Conventional heating pads use electric heating coils and emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation. They only heat your skin, while far infrared pads with enhanced therapeutic benefits penetrate 200-300 times deeper into your body without exposure to electromagnetic radiation. This pad features far infrared heat, negative ions and natural jade. When the jade is heated, it emits far infrared heat that penetrates deep into the body, relieves pain, improves blood circulation, reduces tension and stress and improves flexibility.

Price point: $99

Recommended by: PainCamp and Facebook fan, Kelly Ryan

Where to buy it: AmazonPurchase from Amazon

Sunbeam Therapeutic Heated Mattress Pad

Who it’s good for: People looking for pain relief and muscle relaxation as they rest in bed

What it does: The mattress pad targets heat where needed by zone (neck and shoulders, full back or legs and feet) and offers ten temperature settings. Users can preheat their bed to insure a warm, cozy bed at bedtime. The dual-side control is wireless and allows each bed partner to customize the heat for their side of the bed.

Price point: Varies by size but starts at $110

Recommended by: Facebook fan Anna Thel

Where to buy it: AmazonPurchase from Amazon


Who it’s good for: Migraine/headache sufferers, chemotherapy patients, fibromyalgia sufferers and others

What it does: Icekap uses a combination of cryotherapy, aromatherapy and pressure therapy to treat headache symptoms. Both heat and cooling therapies use temperature manipulation to reduce migraine/ headache pain and inflammation. Users wear Icekap at home, work, while driving or anytime it is needed. Many mention wearing it as soon as they feel a headache coming on to lessen the severity. The cap is adjustable and machine-washable and can be used both heated and cold, depending on the need.

Price point: $69.99

Recommended by: Dr. Dawn Buse, PhD and migraine expert. Dr. Buse offers free guided relaxation exercises on her website.

Where to buy it: At the Icekap website – use coupon code Pain Pathways to receive a 10% discount through the end of December 2016.Purchase from Icekap

Comfortrite Slippers 

Who it’s good for: People with diabetes, sensitive feet, recovering from foot surgery or who have other foot pain concerns

What it does: Slippers from Healthy Feet Store benefit people with sensitive feet due to surgery or diabetes who often find their feet swollen or shriveled depending on the day. With two removable insoles and a VELCRO® adjustable brand fastener, the Comfortrite women’s slipper and house shoe provides the wearer with maximum flexibility of fit. The slippers are medical-quality and recommended by podiatrists. The padding and cushioning provide extra comfort and gentleness for tender, wounded feet. Need a slipper specifically designed for people with plantar fasciitis? Check out this list of options, as the need for arch support necessitates a different kind of slipper that other foot conditions.

Price point: Starting at $54.95

Where to buy it: At the Healthy Feet Store websitePurchase from Healthy Feet Store

Conquer Your Chronic Pain book

Who it’s good for: Anyone living with pain

What it does: Paul Gileno of the U.S. Pain Foundation called it a “must-read” for anyone living with pain. Gileno also explained that by “following Dr. Abaci’s simple steps, you will learn important tools to not only manage (and heal) pain, but also reclaim happiness, purpose, and overall wellness in life.”

Price point: $11

Recommended by: Dr. Abaci hosted a Facebook chat for PainPathways’ followers in October 2016. In his book, he details his own struggle with chronic pain and conventional recovery and pain management, then offers a wide variety of case studies and clear explanations of the latest scientific research to reveal how chronic pain creates a brain-based disease that will only respond to integrated therapies. His approach is life-changing, drug-free and geared towards relief, recovery and restoration.

Where to buy it: AmazonPurchase from Amazon

FL-41 tinted glasses

Who it’s good for: Migraine sufferers and anyone with light sensitivity

What it does: Migraine sufferers may be especially sensitive to lights. People with this sensitivity may benefit from either the Theraspecs or Axon Optics tinted glasses, which filter out painful light. Wearing sunglasses, especially inside, can be awkward and affect social interactions. These rose-tinted glasses allow others to see the wearer’s eyes and expressions, which makes them more comfortable to wear indoors and around others. As well, the wearer can see well indoors so that they are able to be worn at work, school or other indoor locations to protect against glaring florescent lights.

Price point: $99 and up

Recommended by: Dr. Dawn Buse, PhD and migraine expert. Dr. Buse offers free guided relaxation exercises on her website.

Where to buy it: At the Theraspecs and Axon Optics websites. Theraspecs is offering a 10% discount through December 26, 2016. Use discount code PAINPATH10 at checkout.Purchase from TheraspecsPurchase from Axon Optics

Subscription to PainPathways Magazine

Who it’s good for: Anyone looking for information and inspiration for living with pain, including both pain sufferers and caregivers

What it does: PainPathways is the first, only and ultimate pain magazine. Dr. Richard Rauck, a leading expert in pain management, created PainPathways to connect and inspire people who live with pain, both personally and professionally, offering in-depth information on new treatments, integrative therapies and current research.

Price point: $20 for one year, $32 for two years

Recommended by: Physicians, patients and caregivers

Where to buy it: Online on our websitePurchase your gift subscriptpion

Stocking Stuffers

DeepBlue Rub from doTerra – a natural, topical cream for relief of muscle pain and fatigue

Magnetic jewelry clasps – perfect for anyone with arthritis or other hand pain conditions

Spa gift certificate for a massage – check your local day spasPurchase Deep Blue RubPurchase Magnetic jewelry clasps

If you like any of the products mentioned or have some additional ones to add to our list of gift ideas for chronic pain sufferers, let us know in the comments below!

PainPathways Magazine

PainPathways Magazine

PainPathways is the first, only and ultimate pain magazine. First published in spring 2008, PainPathways is the culmination of the vision of Richard L. Rauck, MD, to provide a shared resource for people living with and caring for others in pain. This quarterly resource not only provides in-depth information on current treatments, therapies and research studies but also connects people who live with pain, both personally and professionally.

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