CBD Topical For Muscle Pain: How CBD Topicals Work For Muscle Pain Relief?

CBD Topical For Muscle Pain

CBD topical is one of the best options to treat any localized pain in your muscles and a study published on October 30, 2015 states that CBD topical reduces the swelling in your muscles and is the best option if you are suffering from arthritis or other chronic pain.

Any cream, lotion, balm, or patch that has an infusion of CBD in itself is referred to as a CBD topical and you can directly apply this CBD topical to your affected area for instant pain relief. This article details the effectiveness of CBD topical for your sore muscles, the benefits of topical application, and precautions to be taken while applying topically and lists three of the best CBD topicals available in the market. 

Effectiveness Of CBD Topicals For Muscle Pain

Several research has been conducted on whether CBD works on muscles, reduces pain in muscles, and prompts muscle health and the results of almost all the research are positive that CBD topical is a boon to your muscle health. Out of several advantages of CBD including treating insomnia, pain relief is its biggest merit, making CBD topical the need of the day. From treating your post-workout muscle soreness to age-related muscle pain, CBD topical is an end-to-end solution for all problems associated with your muscles. When you apply CBD topically in any form, your muscles will start recovering from soreness and you can say goodbye to those inflammatory pain meds.

CBD topicals are anti-inflammatory and hence they do not cause any damage to your skin. Your skin has a high concentration of cannabinoid receptors and this helps in activating your endocannabinoid system when you apply CBD topically and treat your muscle pain thereby. By working closely with your cannabinoid receptors CBD reduces any soreness in your muscles and rids the pain altogether. 

CBD has the potential to easily penetrate your skin and this enables it to work effectively in the targeted area. Within a few minutes of applying CBD topical your sore muscles will start relaxing and you will notice the pain meltdown significantly.

Effectiveness Of CBD Topicals For Muscle Pain

Benefits of CBD topical:

Topical CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-itching properties. A related CBD topical enhances your overall skin health in addition to treating your muscle pain. CBD topicals are ineffective in healing wounds and they have analgesic properties. When you topically apply CBD on your skin, you will be experiencing the antiproliferative effects of CBD in your body. 

Often you experience pain in your muscles when the skin around your muscle is facing inflammation. By preventing inflammation at the roots, CBD topicals reduce muscle pain and discomfort and soothe your sore muscles. 

If you are not having a regular exercise routine, you will often face muscle spasms. Applying a generous quantity of CBD topical to the affected area will help ease the spasm by relaxing your muscles. 

In addition to alienating pain and discomfort, CBD topical also promotes the recovery of your muscles from any damage.

Unlike oral consumption of CBD where targeted relief is not possible, CBD topical works effectively in providing targeted relief from muscle pain.

If you are someone who sits for prolonged hours, CBD topical will come in handy for you since it is effective in reducing the stiffness of your muscles and enables you to move around freely without any muscle spasms, pain, or discomfort. 

To best way to relax your body is by relaxing your mind. When applied typically CBD brings a calming and relaxing sensation to your body and wipes away all the stress that makes your muscle stiff. 

Although CBD does not enter your bloodstream, it has the potential to improve your blood circulation and by regulating the proper circulation of blood flow in your body, CBD topical helps with all the discomfort your muscles experience. 

CBD is great for your skin and hence any form of topical application of CBD will able your skin happy and healthy and you can finally have bold skin with zero skin irritation and disorder.

Reputed brands formulate CBD without any THC or with less than 0.3% THC making it non-psychoactive. 

Compared to inflammatory pain meds which take hours to ease your pain, CBD is fast acting and offers pain relief in a span of a few minutes. 

Topical CBDs are nonhabitual and you can use them as and when required and discontinue their usage at any point without any hassle. 

By improving your flexibility and mobility, CBD topicals prevent the root cause of muscle pain and this enhances your overall well-being. 

If you are an athlete, frequent muscle soreness will be second nature to you but when you consistently apply a CBF topical you can say goodbye to your muscle soreness and you will be energetic and fresh every day on the ground without your muscle pain holding you back. By using a CBD topical you can easily avoid arthritis and stay happy with fit muscles. 

In addition to physically benefitting your muscles, CBD topical will also promote your sleep and reduce your stress and anxiety levels and makes you mentally strong and energetic.

Different categories of CBD Topical available in the market:

From oral prescription to topical application, different variants of CBD supplements are available in the market today. 

When it comes to topical variety, CBD is available in the following variants: 

  1. CBD creams 

CBD creams are beneficial to treat joint pain. This is the most preferred CBD variant as this moisturizes your skin I’m addition to treating sore muscles. 

  1. CBD Balms 

CBD balms boost your cognitive functioning and treat nausea instantly. These come in handy and can be applied at ease anytime and anywhere making it the ideal choice to keep in your purse. 

  1. CBD Salves 

CBD saves are effective in treating acne, eczema, and psoriasis. These are oily keepeeps your skin moisturized and hydrated for a longer duration. 

  1. CBD Roll-ons 

CBD roll-on is one of the most preferred CBD topicals as you can easily roll them on your targeted area and relieve your muscle and joint pain rapidly. These roll ones are handy and work effectively. You can often notice instant results while using a CBD roll-on as compared to other CBD topicals as they do not leave any white residue. 

  1. CBD gels 

CBD gels and tinctures are easily absorbed by your skin and these instantly nourish your skin. You can apply a pea size quantity of this gel on the affected area and in a few minutes you will notice a reduction in pain. 

  1. CBD patches 

CBD patches have become trendy lately due to the convenience of usage as it does not require frequent re-application. Unlike other topical variants, a CBD patch does not create any mess. 

  1. CBD Lotions 

CBD lotions focus on relaxing your muscles and easing away all the tension as you gently apply it to your skin. These work effectively in rehydrating your dry skin and making it soft and supple. The lotions will drive away all the irritations from your skin and keep your skin healthy. 

  1. CBD Sprays 

Sprays are becoming increasingly popular lately. Similar to how you apply a toner to freshen your skin, you can spray CBD on your skin type and you will immediately feel hotness in your skin indicating that the spray has started doing its work of easing your muscles and relaxing the stiffness. 

  1. CBD ointments 

CBD ointments are enriched with medicinal properties and have a medicinal aroma and protect the injured area from getting infected. CBD ointments are oily and are best suitable for those with dry skin. 

  1. CBD serums 

CBD serums are lightweight and are highly concentrated formulas that are enriched with active ingredients which offer instant results to the targeted area. Serums are easily absorbed by your skin and offer fast results as compared to other variants.

Best CBD Topicals for muscle pain:

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused CBD Cream: 

Charlotte’s web is a full-spectrum water-based CBD supplement that is meant for topical application. It contains organic Hemp that nourishes and enhances the quality of your skin. It is easy to use Charlotte’s web CBD cream and it offers instant pain relief in your muscles and treats the soreness right away.

You can make a topical application of this CBD cream in areas of discomfort and increased pain and the tingles and pain associated with it will vanish in a couple of minutes. Charlotte’s web CBD cream is free from toxins and safe for topical application and does not irritate your skin in any manner. The ingredients of the Charlotte cream are hand-picked and do not damage your skin. All the ingredients nourish your skin and are free from harmful pesticides and toxins. When you apply it to the affected area, this cream gives a cooling sensation as it works on unclogging the numbness in your muscles and easing the pain and soreness. 

Charlotte's Web Hemp Infused CBD Cream 

Fab CBD Topical cream:

Fab CBD is a topical cream that is packaged in a container that is compact and easy to carry anywhere. Formulated with a unique combination of lavender oil, eucalyptus, and other active ingredients this CBD cream offers lasting pain relief for around four to five hours. You can apply a small proportion of the FabCBD topical cream to areas of pain and this will glide over your skin smoothly.

The refreshing aroma of this FabCBD cream enables you to sit back and relax the tense muscles and ease your soreness. By relaxing your body and mind and offering stress relief through the aromatic presence, this CBD cream melts away all the discomfort and pain in your muscles and keeps you healthy and pain-free

Fab CBD Topical cream

Joy Organics CBD serum:

Joy organics offers premium CBD serum whose ingredients are carefully chosen to offer the best pain relief for your muscles and all of these ingredients are tested and certified by USDA as organic, making the serum pure and potent, and safe for topical application in your skin. This pain relief serum is easily absorbed by your skin and promotes blood circulation to ease the stiffness in your muscles this serum is preferred the most by people as it has aromatic properties and eases up your anxiety and stress and promotes your overall health in addition to treating your muscle pain.

Joy Organics CBD serum contains hemp extracts, flavonoids, terpenes, and several phytonutrients which enable them to offer targeted relief to your muscles. A few drops of this oil give your muscles instant pain relief. The hemp used in Joy Organics is made of organic and Non-GMO hemp. It elevates the absorption of CBD in your body at a faster pace. Joy Organics CBD oil is formulated by mixing CBD with MCT oil which is a byproduct of coconut oil and the presence of the MCT enhances the bioavailability of CBD in your skin and accelerates the pain relief mechanism.

Joy Organics CBD serum

Usage of CBD topicals to treat your muscle pain:

CBD topical is usually applied to targeted areas where your experience muscle soreness and pain and within a few minutes of application you will notice a significant reduction in your pain. 

The best part of a CBD topical is that it can easily penetrate your skin but does not enter your bloodstream. By interacting with your skin receptors, CBD relieves your pain. By interacting with your endocannabinoid system CBD protects your muscles against inflammation and avoids the associated pain and hot flashes. 

For your CBD topical to yield the best results, it is important to choose a high-quality CBD topical supplement from a reputed brand and a minimum dosage of 250-500 mg of CBD per ounce should be present in the supplement you choose. Apply the CBD topical to your freshly washed skin. Start with a little quantity and massage the topical in your skin in a circular motion. Since topical CBD lasts only for a few hours make reapplication to the affected area as and when required. 

To reap the maximum benefits, choose a CBD topical that is specifically formulated to address muscle pain. You can also warm your muscles with a heating pad at least 20 mins before the application of CBD topical since it will boost the blood flow and offer instant results in subsidizing your pain.

Precautions to take while applying CBD topicals:

CBD is often combined with other nutritious ingredients while formulating the different variants of CBD topical. It is vital to ensure your skin is not allergic to any of those ingredients to prevent any skin disorder in the future. Always do a patch test with any CBD topical that you are interested in before applying a large proportion of the same to your skin. 

Ensure the CBD topical you are choosing is a full or broad spectrum CBD as this will boost your skin health as they are less processed and preserve the important organic compounds. 

Make an authenticated purchase by ensuring your CBD topical is lab tested in an approved center. This will ensure your supplement is free from harsh chemicals. 

Look out for the proportion of THC in your CBD topical and make sure the THC is not more than 0.3% always choose an organic US-grown CBD to protect yourself from harmful pesticides and chemicals.


CBD is the cure for those nagging sore muscles. Today with research and development working daily to find instant pain relief formulas, CBD topicals have been formulated in different variants, each with its own set of benefits. All forms of CBD topical will cure the stiffness in your muscles and ease your muscle pain. You can choose the CBD topical variant which is the most convenient for you to get faster results. According to the Forbes Health Survey, out of 2000 US Adults, over 67% use CBD topical regularly to relieve their pain. By effectively using topical CBD you can easily bid goodbye to those more aching muscles with healthy glowing skin as an added benefit.

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