CBD Oil For Joint Pain And Arthritis – Is It Useful For Pain Relief?

CBD Oil For Joint Pain And Arthritis

Cannabidiol or CBD has been subjected to a lot of speculation mainly due to its controversial uses.

Countries now and then have been banning the use of Cannabis but researchers in the field cannot deny its potent use in curing various fatal maladies.

Arthritis is quite a painful disease and mostly affects the joints.

The patient undergoes multiple levels of pain and is constantly looking for methods to alleviate the same. This blog will discuss the use of CBD oil for joint pain and arthritis.

What Is CBD Oil?

As its name might suggest, this can be extracted from Cannabis.

Cannabis contains over 500+ substances, most of which are low in THC.THC has a lot to do with making cannabis cause intoxication.

However, CBD oil obtained from the hemp plant has a diminished quantity of its hallucinating properties and therefore enhances pain relief.


Since it comes as a concoction, carrier oils like coconut.

For those wondering what carrier oils are, these are substances that help our skin absorb the CBD components effortlessly.

Moreover, it often ends up making CBD oil viable as it adds its qualities to it.CBD oil can either be Full spectrum, broad or CBD isolate.

While full and broad include cannabinoids of another kind, Isolate is devoid of any.

CBD Oil For Joint Pain And Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the diseases that can limit our movement. It entails joint pains that range from mild to extreme.

There are several reasons why one goes through the swelling of the joint. It can be due to being overweight or due to an injury.

Some people have also reported the condition while working in the same movement for a long time.

According to the Centre for Disease Control, arthritis can be classified into Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Gout, and Childhood Arthritis.

CBD Oil For Joint Pain

The major symptoms of the condition include joint swelling, limited use of joints, and in some cases redness.

When it comes to the use of CBD oil for pain, there is no conclusive report that substantiates the same.

However, studies conducted in 2016,2017, and 2011 think that CBD oil can bring relief to some extent to people suffering from joint pain.

While animal studies brought about sure shot results, in humans the result has only been informal.

People claim to have decreased pain along with stress levels, particularly in Osteoarthritis. This has contributed to some of them getting good sleep.

Though none doubts the potency of CBD oil, the lack of research makes this area murky.

Is It Safe To Put CBD Oil On A Joint?

The safety of any product does raise some concerns and if the product is yet to be recognized the concern is multiplied.

No literature has been published in this regard and most of the users depend on the directions of their doctor.

As an overview, CBD oil has been safe to be used in moderate quantities.

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Patients should discuss this with their concerned doctors as they might have to bring about some modifications to their daily life. Overall, it does help with inflammation.

What To Look For When Choosing CBD?

Applying any medicine without a doctor’s recommendation should be prohibited.

The use of CBD oil is further regulated without the FDA’s approval.

Choosing A CBD Oil

However in case you are ready to try it, there are some things you should keep in mind while choosing one.

💠 Authenticity

There can be several cheap alternatives available on the market that can alter its effectiveness.

One should look for a reputed name in the domain and carefully read the contents such as carrier oils used in it for protection.

If you are allergic to carrier oil, chances are the oil would be counterproductive for you.

Visiting the site for a Certificate of analysis can be an excellent make to make sure the additives in the oil are.

💠 Inclusion Of THC

Ask anyone and they will tell you their most considerable concern about using CBD oil is its THC content.

For the uninitiated, an increase in THC content can cause drowsiness that is attributed to Cannabis.

The oil used to relieve joint pain shouldn’t include any amount of THC while some believe a minimal inclusion can be overlooked.

Talk to your healthcare worker to decide what works for you.

💠 Inclusion Of Potent Strains

Even if the product is authentic or has THC in moderate quantities, it might not bring you the relief you aim for.

This happens when the strains present in the oil are not ideal.

Though its dosage should be consulted with a doctor, you must be careful about the potent strain CBD oil contains for it to work.

💠 Ability To Be absorbed

Also known as bioavailability in formal terms, it is what determines how quickly can the oil be absorbed by the skin for it to work.

Many studies insist that a higher CBD is directly proportional to its Bioavailability.

The solubility of the carrier oil should also be taken into consideration while deciding on this factor.

💠 The Market You Buy It From

Since it is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, it is usually sold both legally and illegally by small enterprises.

On such occasions, make sure that the product meets all the criteria mentioned above.

Additionally buying the product from its website will also be affordable for you.


CBD oil is a revolutionary invention when in the field of pain management.

Due to a lack of proper guidance, people suffering from joint pain and arthritis cannot harness their abilities.

Consistent with the vocal agreements, it is said to alleviate inflammatory pain that is otherwise unbearable.

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A lot of study is yet to be conducted in this field such as its effects on pregnant women or people taking certain medications.

Since the market is not regulated, one must be careful when buying the oil.

You should let your physician guide you throughout the journey and if the future is bright, things might take a turn for good.

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