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Does CBD Make You Hungry

CBD is a natural component in the Cannabis and Hemp plant and it came into existence in 1947 when medical experts found this accidentally while performing a scientific protocol. Since then several research has been conducted on CBD on whether it is beneficial for humankind, its safety, whether it stimulates high, and so on.

This article details whether CBD induces hunger in you and explores the relationship between CBD and your appetite. CBD and appetite have a direct relation and CBD is known to increase your appetite. It makes your munchies create a hunger trigger upon a few minutes of consumption of the same and even if you have had your meal recently, you will be having hunger triggers when consuming CBD. Many medical experts even prescribe CBD to patients with a lower appetite to increase their appetite. Although CBD is not an appetite stimulant, it does help to regulate your appetite.

How Does CBD Affect Your Hunger And Eating Habits?

CBD is used both for increasing and suppressing your appetite. While certain strains of CBD have an appetite-boosting property, the remaining strains have an appetite-suppressing quality. Depending on the compounds associated with it, CBD can change its functioning on your appetite. 

When CBD is consumed, it enables your body to make optimum use of every function and this enables CBD to release natural chemicals like hormones to push your body to make the best use of itself. 

How Does CBD Affect Your Hunger And Eating Habits

CBD has control over your appetite because of the presence of THC. THC interacts with your brain receptors and enables your brain to send the message that you are not full and thereby triggering hunger.  If your THC has limonene your appetite will be boosted and you will experience hunger triggers but if your THC is humulene, it will play a major role in suppressing your appetite. Without THC, CBD does not have the power to control your appetite. When you consume THC consistently, you will start feeling the need to intake copious amounts of food and CBD helps in boosting your metabolism to digest this food. 

Cannabis is not new to humankind and as early as 300 AD, people established that Cannabis causes hunger. This cannabis contains different variants of cannabinoids and among these cannabinoids, the major proportion consists of THC. By occupying a majority in cannabis, THC has established that cannabis causes hunger. By stimulating your appetite and by indulging your brain receptors in transmitting the message that you are hungry THC enables you to eat more. When you start consuming THC it will activate the cannabinoid 1 receptor in your endocannabinoid system and these receptors are found in your brain primarily, in addition to their presence in your body for a mild concentration. When it comes to appetite and huge, the CB1 receptor’s role is huge. 

CB1 receptors help you enhance the image of food and change how you look and perceive food and eating. The CB1 in your hypothalamus regulates appetite and stimulates the biological functions of your body including stimulating hunger and thirst. The CB1 in your Basal Ganglia stimulates the satisfaction you derive from consuming food and internally rewards your digestive system with pleasure. 

When you consume CBD regularly, the THC present in it will stimulate your appetite by increasing the presence of the ghrelin hormone, a hormone responsible for increasing your appetite. Ghrelin is produced when your stomach is empty and when your body produces this hunger hormone it is a sign for your brain to create the feeling of hunger in you so you will have your food and fill your stomach. When you consume CBD, the THC produces more ghrelin even if your stomach is full and this makes you feel hungry and eat even if you are not hungry in the initial place.

CBD today has gained a lot of popularity and all misconceptions associated with CBD are broken down with medical experts giving scientifically backed-up proof. Hence many people have started using CBD as an integral part of their wellness regimen. Normal hemp-derived CBD does not affect hunger or your appetite since it is free from THC. Only a few variants of CBD have been made legal and these legal CBDs have little to no THC and hence do not stimulate your appetite and make you eat more. Only 1 in 50 people have reported CBD free from THC makes them hungry while others have only started CBD has helped with their metabolism and made their appetite healthy. 

Since THC has the potential to make people high, federal law has indicated that CBD has to be extracted from industrial hemp, and the concentration of THC should be less than 0.3%.  Only CBD less than 0.3% THC is made legal and safe for human consumption. CBD helps your body to maintain homeostasis. CBD combats stress by relaxing your body and easing your anxiety. This in turn makes you stress-free and prevents you from craving unhealthy snacks. Your sleep schedule will thank you when you consume CBD as CBD enables you to rest and recharge your body and enables you to sleep peacefully.

A proper sleep cycle ensures your body gets the rest and energy it deserves and makes your mind active. By making you happier and healthier, CBD makes you stress-free and prevents binge eating from stress. CBD is a healthier option when you consume it in moderation. A CBD with no or less than 0.3% THC will support your overall health and boost your metabolism, thereby ensuring you are having a healthy appetite. Today CBD is available in different variants including oil, gummiest, topical, and so on and each Variant has its own merits. It is vital to choose the CBD variant that best suits you to reap the maximum benefits.

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