CBD For Multiple Sclerosis – What You Need To Know?

CBD For Multiple Sclerosis

Advancements in technology well combined with the efforts of professionals have resulted in the glorious revolution of the medical sector. Even certain diseases with no known cure and lesser chances of survival are researched to get better insights and breakthroughs.

Among such diseases remains the chronic autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis. Even though there are certain treatments available to control the symptoms and slow the progression a final cure hasn’t been formulated yet. Extensive clinical studies are conducted for understanding the treatment options that could alleviate the disease. CBD which is known as cannabidiol is a potential option that is under consideration to fight this disease that affects the central nervous system. 

Multiple Sclerosis An Overview

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic neurological disease that attacks the central nervous system consisting brain and spinal cord. The immune system of the body mistakenly attacks the myelin, which is the covering that guards nerve fibers. This disrupts the flow of signals within the central nervous system (CNS) that resulting in symptoms related to neurological damage. 

Multiple Sclerosis Overview


Fatigue: A common symptom that is observed in patients with multiple sclerosis is extreme fatigue and lethargy. The persistent nature of the symptom affects the normalcy and quality of the patient’s life. The intensity and duration of fatigue are unpredictable and this makes it even more challenging. 

Numbness: Numbness is often experienced by individuals with multiple sclerosis. It could be addressed as a loss of sensation in different parts of the body. The attack on myelin by the immune system is what results in a reduced sensation. The intensity can vary from person to person and some treatments could help to reduce the effect. 

Weakening of muscles: The loss of strength in muscles directly affects the movement and control in different parts of the body. This condition develops gradually and affects motor skills and coordination. 

Difficulty in Walking:  MS could potentially affect the individual’s ability to walk and move. With the muscle weakening lifting your legs and moving around becomes more challenging. This often results in unsteady walking which increases the risk of an accident. 

Vision Problems: Damage to your vision is another symptom witnessed in people fighting MS. One could develop conditions such as optic neuritis that arises from the inflammation of the optic nerve that results in vision loss, blurred vision, and pain. 

Pain: Those affected could experience different types of pain in different forms and with varied severity. Pain could be associated with damage to myelin and inflammation of the nerves. The degree to which one experiences would be dependent on a combination of factors. 

Bowel and Bladder Dysfunction: Such dysfunctions occur due to miscommunication between the central nervous system and the muscles that control the functions of the bowel and bladder. 

Speech Difficulties: Difficulties in speech is also prominent in individuals suffering from MS. It affects an individual’s ability to communicate and have a normal life. Uneven speech patterns, slurred speech, and changes in pitch and tone are common in the case of MS. 

Cannabidiol for Multiple Sclerosis

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a substance that is extracted from the cannabis plant. The potential effects of the compound to manage the symptoms of multiple sclerosis have gained popularity in recent years. The use of CBD for the treatment of multiple sclerosis is yet to be approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Evaluating the pros and cons of the usage of cannabidiol could help to make informed decisions for the treatment of MS. 

Cannabidiol for Multiple Sclerosis


Pain Relief: Pain is one of the common symptoms experienced by multiple sclerosis patients. CBD could offer some relief to different kinds of pain associated with MS. The effectiveness of CBD will vary from person to person and it could be used as a part of pain management along with other methods. 

Reducing Inflammation: Another effect of using CBD for treating multiple sclerosis is the reduction of inflammation. CBD protects the nerves from damage and eventually, this will help to reduce inflammation

Improved Mood: Frequent mood changes are also a part of multiple sclerosis. Some studies have reported enhanced mood and less anxiety with the use of CBD. 

Improved Sleep: Difficulty falling asleep as well as the quality and quantity of sleep is affected in multiple sclerosis patients. Some studies support the fact that the sedative properties of cannabidiol may promote better sleep. 


Limited Research: Even though the usage of CBD for the treatment of multiple sclerosis looks promising its effectiveness is still under research. 

Individual Variations: The effect of cannabidiol can vary from person to person and the results will not be conclusive. 

Side effects: The possible side effects of CBD cannot be turned a blind eye to. Undesirable effects include dry mouth, changes in appetite, and dizziness are challenging. 

Accessibility Issues: There will be certain legal and accessibility issues regarding the usage of CBD for the treatment of MS. 

Quality: If the products used for the treatment are of not the highest quality it could result in unpredictable effects. 


The use of cannabidiol for the treatment of multiple sclerosis has its own strengths and drawbacks. While it could beneficial in the management of symptoms associated with MS the research and clinical trials are still ongoing. Along with that, the effects of the treatment solely depend on the individual and the unpredictability is challenging in nature. 

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Dr. Edward Zelman

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