CBD For Endometriosis Pain – A Natural Relief Option!

CBD For Endometriosis Pain

Poetically, pain makes you a better person. It can hone your personality and maybe make you something you aren’t anymore. In reality, things are not that great. Anytime you are in pain, you want it to be over and would do anything to cure it.

This has led to all kinds of panaceas being discovered to alleviate the pain. Throughout their whole life, women undergo many unbearable pain. It could be cramps or labor pains. While those cannot be completely done away with, one can find a cure for endometriosis in CBD. This blog is about to unravel how true that claim is. Read on to know more.

Does CBD Help In Endometriosis Pain

What is endometriosis?

So we know how women shed their uterine lining every month which is known as menstruation. With endometriosis, a similar tissue forms outside the uterus. This can lead to the breakage of both the inner and outer walls. Now that is extra painful periods every month that can impact every facet of your life.

What are the symptoms of Endometriosis?

There are only a few symptoms that can point toward one suffering from endometriosis. They are-

1. Irregular period cycles

2. cramps

3. Inability to get pregnant

4. Congested gastrointestinal system

What are the areas affected by endometriosis pain?

Pain is not just a part of the disorder, it is what defines it. Patients who have endometriosis can have various painful areas which include-

1. Pain during periods in the abdomen.

2. Pain in the vaginal area while menstruating and copulating.

3. Pain while urinating in the urethra 

4. Pain in the anus while defecating.

5. Unbearable pain in the lower areas of the stomach and uterine area.

6. Pain in the pelvis area in general

CBD for endometriosis

Now CBD has become the latest fad. It is told to treat every ailment that affects humankind and this one seems no different. Cannabidiol is said to be extracted from hemp plants which are extremely effective in doing away with all sorts of pain. So what about endometriosis? Unfortunately, there are not enough studies available to confirm if it can provide pain relief in this particular condition. For some who are against allopathic medicines go with CBD.

However, like most popular medicinal trends this one too comes up with a lot of personal anecdotes. A huge number of people are known to have gotten rid of cramps that keep them awake at night. Though how it affects us isn’t known, CBD oil seems to seep into the skin and work with our pain receptors to numb it in some form. There are studies to suggest that CBD has a lot of immunotherapeutic properties and works with our nervous system.

Now a lot of scientists believe that pain is all about perception and CBD works towards this initiative. A 20 mg of the oil will do the trick. The how and when should be sorted out according to one’s pain. Should CBD be taken alone? The anecdotal pieces of evidence support the idea that CBD alone cannot relieve any pain but along with appropriate medicines it can be manageable. Should you choose to use it there are plenty of options available like creams, oils, chewy tablets, and air diffusers. Our word of caution would be to meet up with your doctor before starting or stopping any new medications including CBD.


What are the other ways to treat endometriosis pain?

The ones mentioned below have been regulated by the F.D.A is often suggested by doctors for their patients depending on their age or magnitude of pain. They are-

1. Medications approved by Food and Drug Administration or over the counter.

2. Endometriosis has a lot to do with hormonal imbalance so treatment with hormone therapy.

3. Many birth control pills at minimal levels as prescribed.

4. Surgeries for those who want a permanent suggestion.

5. Removal of uterine walls, fallopian tubes, or both.

What are the side effects?

There are no special side effects that can be caused by taking CBD for endometriosis. However, the general ones could be-

1. Lack of hydration inside the mouth

2. Nausea

3. Weakness or insufficient energy

5. Disturbed sleeping patterns.

Endometriosis is a chronic condition that has no permanent treatment. Pain management is the only way one could deal with it. As everyone knows managing pain is not a game as it can disrupt our whole life.CBD’s effectiveness in the treatment of endometriosis has not yet been established. Nevertheless, people have been opting for CBD to deal with excruciating pain. It has helped some and some others have not been so fortunate. The side effects though not very severe should also be taken into account when considering CBD. We would strongly suggest that you should not use it without proper guidance from your doctor.

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