Vaping Illness – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment To Cure Illness

Vaping Illness - Symptoms, Causes & Treatment To Cure Illness

Vaping illness otherwise known as EVALI (E-cigarette or Vaping Use-Associated Lung Injury) is an illness that broke out among e-cigarette users and vape users in 2019.

There had been a total of 68 deaths reported that are confirmed to be because of Vaping illness.

Vaping is considered to be a healthy alternative to cigarette smoking by people.

However, vape contains nicotine which is harmful to the body. Vaping can even lead to irreversible lung damage.

However, the good news is that EVALI can be completely cured with the right medications, steroids, and treatments.

Therefore it is necessary to identify the vaping illness as soon as possible in order to get the right treatment.

Symptoms Of Vaping Illness

Here are some symptoms associated with vaping illness.

Symptoms Of Vaping Illness
  • Shortness Of Breath

Vapes and e-cigarettes have Diacetyl in them. It is a compound that enhances the taste of the vape.

The direct inhalation of diacetyl however results in the inflammation of the lungs and also permanent damage to the branches of the lungs which makes breathing difficult.

This makes the people who use vape take rapid and shallow breaths as the oxygen reaching the body is far less than the required amount.

  • Fever

If you have a vaping illness, you may suffer from high fever and shivering. You might also cough a lot. The coughing may even get into a chronic condition.

This happens due to the oily substances inhaled through the vape which causes inflammation in the lungs and insufficient oxygen in the system.

  • Chest Pain

Vaping can even affect your heart. Your heartbeat becomes more rapid than usual and there might be pain in the chest.

Vaping can cause your blood pressure to rise.

Vaping increases adrenaline in your body resulting in an increase in heart rate which will make the possibility of a heart attack increase.

  • Gut Problems

Gut problems like diarrhea, constipation, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, etc can become an everyday occurrence.

Gut problems mainly arise because vaping results in the drying out of saliva in the mouth. Saliva acts as a pre-digestive force. 

  • Irritation In Burning And Mouth

Due to the frequent use of vape and cigarettes, the protective cells in the mouth and throat could be destroyed because of the heat.

This results in experiencing irritation and a burning sensation in the throat and the mouth. 

  • Erectile Dysfunction

The use of vape and e-cigarettes can affect sperm production in males.

It has been found in research that the sperm of people who use vape are low in quality and motility.

The sperm count in males also started rapidly decreasing with the use of vape and e-cigarettes.

  • Damage To The Ovum

The vape can cause irreversible damage to the ovum resulting in infertility in women in the long run.

  • Fatigue

When vaping, the required amount of oxygen does not reach the person’s body which results in fatigue and drowsiness. It affects the overall performance in life.

  • Weightloss

A person infected with a vaping illness will start to lose weight tremendously. 

  • Loss of appetite.

People will also start experiencing a feeling of fullness and it makes it difficult to consume food.

What Can Be Done When The Symptoms Start Showing?

As you can see, all the symptoms of vaping illness are vast. Therefore it is hard to determine if you have a vaping illness.

And since the vaping illness has not been around for a long time, researchers are still in the process of studying the disease and finding a faster and better cure for the illness rather than steroids.

When all these symptoms come together, it is definitely time to cut off on the vape and e-cigarettes and seek medical help.

There are no instant tests to determine if you have a vaping illness at present.

Vaping illness has been seen in patients ranging from the age of 16 to the age of 53 so far.

It has also been seen that the lung condition of a 17-year-old boy after diagnosing him with vaping illness was that of a person continuously smoking for 40 years.

Treatment Limits

Vaping illness is a completely new health problem that emerged recently.

Due to the fact that the illness is new, it is absolutely necessary that anyone with the above symptoms must immediately seek medical help since there is only so much known.

Even the symptoms of vaping illness are separate problems experienced by countless people.

It may be extremely hard to find out the existence of such illnesses where the symptoms are scattered. 

Vaping illness is a deadly disease that can be prevented easily.

Vaping can cause permanent and irreversible damage to the vital organs and reproductive system.

Vaping and e-cigarette smoking are addictive and hard to stop.

Therefore it may not always be practical to just give a piece of advice to quit vaping.  

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