CBD And Inflammation: How CBD Can Help Reduce Inflammation And Pain?

CBD And Inflammation How CBD Can Help Reduce Inflammation And Pain

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most important compounds of cannabis plants. This comes in edible and tropical forms. Despite being one of the controversial compounds, CBD is being used in the preparation of medicines. In fact, many medical researchers have confirmed the utility of CBD in curing different ailments of the human body. Currently, CBD with less than 0.3% of THC is federally legal to consume. Any consumption beyond this amount is not only illegal but also punishable. Therefore, in such a situation, it would be right to assume that the law allows the usage of CBD within the permissible limits for the preparation of medicines. CBD has proved to be an effective treatment for various ailments so far. 

History Of Cannabis In Curing Medical Ailments

Cannabis has been a historic plant that has been used in medical sciences for the past 4000 years. There are various drugs that cannot be prepared with the extracts of cannabis plants including CBD as well. There are two important constituents of the cannabis plant. The first one of them is CBD and the other one of them is tetrahydrocannabinol. While the latter has the tendency to make a person high, the other former does not have the same tendencies. Therefore, CBD has always been considered to be a safer product with a lot of health benefits. CBD is specifically used to cure inflammation and other types of health problems. It does not have any side effects on humans at all. Let us understand the way in which CBD helps to cure inflammation. 

Cannabis In Curing Medical Ailments

How does CBD help to cure inflammation? 

CBD helps to cure inflammation and the same has been proved by various studies. A recent study in 2019 has proved that CBD has antioxidant properties that help to reduce inflammation inside the human body. Various studies conducted in 2020 have also proved that gels and medicines prepared using CBD have been effective to reduce joint swelling in rats and other mammals. Therefore, in such a situation, it is essential to explore the benefits of using CBD in reducing inflammation in one or the other way. 

Benefits of using CBD

CBD has been effective to cure various inflammatory problems. It is useful to mitigate the swelling around the joints and other organs of the body. It is a non-psychoactive product that has got its own medical and pathological properties. It functions on a redox balance that releases anti-oxidized stress within the body. CBD releases anti-inflammatory molecules. These molecules help to ease swelling and inflammation. It helps to reduce the viability of the cells and decreases the potential of the cells. Therefore, the membranes of the cell are not affected at all. CBD has curative tendencies and these properties help to reduce the inflammation around the internal and external body parts. Let us explore the benefits one by one:

CBD reduces the swelling around the joints

Human joints can hurt due to several reasons. One of the most important reasons can be weak muscles and bones. It is important to understand that the weakening of the joints usually makes the movement of the limbs painful and difficult. The lubrication between the joints is terribly reduced as the pain increases. As the pain increases, the swelling also increases simultaneously. CBD on the other hand comes with anti-oxidizing properties. It increases the lubrication in the joints and hence this ultimately helps to reduce the swelling around the joints. This benefit of CBD has been recognized by various research Institutions and medical professionals. 

CBD helps to enhance the quantity of intracellular calcium

Each cell is bound together with the help of intracellular calcium. This calcium is very beneficial for defining the boundaries of the cell membranes. The cell membranes can collapse if the amount of intracellular calcium is reduced. However, excessive drinking and smoking can reduce the intracellular calcium within the cells. This may collapse the walls of the cells and hence cause internal injuries and swelling. In order to cure this inflammation, CBD influences calcium mobilization. It increases the production of calcium and therefore reduces inflammation within the internal organs. 

CBD boosts the mitochondrial activities

CBD is one of the most important compounds that help to increase the mitochondrial activities within the cell. These activities help to release energy that cures swelling and excessive pain within the human body. Aging and a sedentary lifestyle can reduce these mitochondrial activities. Therefore, as a result, CBD compounds are administered to the human body in order to trigger the release of oxidized molecules. CBD is in fact, a perfect medium for promoting the stability of the internal processes within the cell. It ultimately helps to enhance the vitality of the cells in a better way. 

CBD helps to monitor the intracellular activities

The disturbance between the intracellular activities can actually be the cause of swelling and inflammation inside the body. CBD helps to improve the movement of the cells in the blood plasma so that the cells do not collapse with each other. It releases MCU and NCLX which get deposited between the cell walls of two cells. This ultimately reduces the chances of swelling and inflammation internally. CBD is used in a number of supplements that help to boost metabolism. If CBD is not consumed then a maximum of the cells collapse and they die due to excessive congestion which reduces the quantity of oxygen available for survival. This has already been confirmed by the study conducted by the University of Michigan. 

CBD induces fibroblasts

The consumption of CBD helps to curate a hypoxic environment within the cells. The immunity cells react to the released enzymes. CBD targets these cells and kills the pro-inflammatory bodies. It also induces the cell sap within the cells to burst. This phenomenon is known as the fiber blast. This ultimately helps to reduce the incidence of inflammation. Various therapeutic drugs have been formulated with the help of CBD for achieving this result. 

Forms of CBD

CBD can be used to cure inflammation and with the help of the data enumerated above, it is well-established and proven. CBD can be consumed in different forms in order to achieve these given results. Let us explore these forms one by one. 

CBD oils

This is one of the most common remedies for curing joint pains. They can be directly applied to the swollen part and the swelling would be reduced within a span of 24 hours. 

CBD gummies

There are different types of gummies available in the market. These gummies are infused with the permissible limits of CBD. These gummies are very helpful to reduce internal inflammation. They also offer adequate vitamins and minerals to the body. They boost immunity and metabolism side by side. 

CBD medicines

Various therapeutic medicines are curated with CBD. The CBD along with other ingredients helps to reduce the incidence of inflammation within the body. These medicines can only be consumed after an adequate prescription has been received from the medical practitioner. 

CBD balms

These are the balms that are made using extracts of CBD and almond oil. It is a suitable option for all those who have never consumed CBD beforehand. This balm is very effective in curing the swelling around the medulla. It helps to mitigate headaches and migraine attacks.


Side effects of using CBD

CBD, despite being a beneficial product, may not be suitable for all humans. Therefore, it may end up causing side effects in one or the other way. It is important to note that different people can experience different side effects depending upon the quantity and the timing of CBD consumption. The different types of side effects which are likely to follow in this situation have been given in the following way:


The consumption of CBD boosts mitochondrial activity within the cells. This increases the energy levels within the body. As a result, some individuals might experience some irritation around the swollen areas of the body.


The consumption of CBD can also cause headaches. Since the dosage of the substance is usually high, people can easily experience a lot of headaches after the medication. Therefore it is important to consume a lot of water in order to keep the body hydrated. 


It can be ultimately concluded that CBD is one of the most beneficial substances that can help to solve the problem of inflammation. But it is always essential to take adequate advice from the doctors and proceed according to the same. There is a need to consume CBD-related medications only within the quantity prescribed so that unnecessary side effects are not experienced by people. If any additional amount is consumed then it may not be very safe for the human. Therefore, the limit must be strictly set in this regard. 

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