How Long Does Chest Pain From Vaping Last? | Is It A Serious Issue?

How Long Does Chest Pain From Vaping Last

Vaping has gained popularity these days and a lot of youth resort to it as a means to have relaxation. People usually vape individually or along with their friends in the midst of parties and other social gatherings. It is true that it gives some sort of exuberance and ecstasy to its users for a short while, but in the long run, it can be nothing but a recipe for disastrous health. A host of health ailments await them and chest pain is the most common one.

What Is Vaping And How Is It Different From Smoking?

Well, the popular notion that e-cigarettes are safer than regular ones seems to be one strong reason that vaping gained so much attention these days. Vaping is an activity of ingesting stimulant substances through the mouth by means of an electronic device that carries e-liquid inside. When the device is on, it heats up the liquid and as a result, nicotine vapor is formed. The device often comes in the shape of a pen and is very easy to carry. 

What Is Vaping And How Is It Different From Smoking

To elaborate more, vaping is made possible with a device that in a way acts as a nebulizer that asthmatic patient use for getting relief. The regular cigarette contains tobacco and when it is burned, nicotine is generated and inhaled by smokers which acts as a stimulant for them. In the case of vaping, the same nicotine is delivered to its users in lower proportions. Well, it may sound safe in theory but in practice, it is often found that the proportions can go much higher and even surpass the safe limits which induces a lot of health problems for its users.

In worst cases, there have been reports that even school-going children occasionally get caught vaping. Many of us tend to become more oblivious to facts and figures and in an attempt to choose an alternative to smoking go for a lesser evil by resorting to vaping. But it is high time that we do a serious rethinking about it.

Health problems related to vaping

In this section, we will deal with some of the health problems that vaping can cause. The major problem seems to be the chest discomfort that occurs due to the incessant use of nicotine and other toxic substances that are found in e-cigarettes. We will talk more about this in the upcoming sections. 

i) Effects on the cardiovascular system

The US National Institutes of Health has found that vaping can have a detrimental effect on cardiovascular health. The blood vessels gradually lose the ability to carry out their functions owing to vaping. Moreover, toxic chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide are also found in the blood vessels of those who use e-cigarettes. The dual use of both regular and e-cigarettes can unbelievably shorten your life span to a few years.

When a person vapes, the nicotine released in the body would cause a deadly spike in the adrenaline levels and as a result, the heart beats faster and would require more oxygen inflow to continue on. Simultaneously, the blood pressure increases to an alarming ratio and it has a sudden impact on the entire body. The capacity of the heart in carrying out its regular function takes a hit and would lead to coronary artery disease and other complications.

ii) Effects on Lung function

Vaping can instill toxic substances that can cause a blow to lung function which can lead to a phenomenon called lung collapse. The symptoms are shortness of breath and chronic cough that can worsen due to extended vape use may lead the person to take oxygen support. It becomes difficult for the person to hold on to daily activities and gets exhausted very quickly. These are the bad ramifications of toxic substances getting into the lungs and deteriorating their function. 

Many health experts have opined that the toxic substances in e-cigarettes can lead to irreversible damage to the lungs and the users would have to deal with it for the rest of their lives. The toxicity increases when e-cigarettes are heated up resulting in the production of vicious elements such as diacetyl, formaldehyde, and acrolein. Vaping can lead to serious health conditions like lipoid pneumonia, bronchiolitis obliterans (BO), and even turn into lung cancer. 

Recovery period

In this section, we address the question of how long can chest pain last from vaping. Chest pain can be the result of numerous health problems like heart ailments and lung disorders induced by vaping. The good news is that the lungs do have the capacity to get rid of the toxic elements on their own. If the person is new to vaping and develops chest pain and shortness of breath it can take up to 5 to 7 days for recovery. Those who experience severe chest pain would require admission to ICU and the recovery could take much longer. 

For individuals who suffer from conditions such as bronchitis and asthma, chest pain can get worsened, and recovery could be problematic. They may have to undergo treatment for many more months to recover fully from the repercussions caused by mindless vaping. For the fortunate lot, they have to carry on with medications for a while. The rehabilitation period can be hard for habitual vapers and they would face irritability and restlessness on their paths to recovery. 


The Harvard medical school, reports that thousands of hospital admissions have been reported in a month and many deaths have occurred from vaping. Unfortunately, the majority of them were teenagers and young adults. Most of the patients reported severe chest pain and breathlessness. This definitely raises alarm bells and the authorities need to work hard to desist our young generation from abysmal ending due to vaping.  

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