How Long Does A Growing Wisdom Tooth’s Pain Last?

How Long Does A Growing Wisdom Tooth’s Pain Last

Wisdom teeth emerge in teens and adults between the age of 17 to 21. There will be four wisdom teeth in total, two in the top and the other two in the bottom. They grow at the back of the mouth. It becomes very painful when it starts to grow as they break through the gums and the reduced space for the tooth to grow adds to the pain. 

As they start to develop further, the complications increase and it becomes necessary to extract the teeth. You may feel irritation or aches in the gum when the wisdom teeth start to grow. 

Is Toothache From The Growth Of Wisdom Teeth A Serious Issue?

Consulting a good dental surgeon is better because it is easier to remove the wisdom tooth when they have roots that are not developed yet. the process may be really painful. To avoid this, you can ask your dentist for general anesthesia. The pain after the surgery is so common. Any person who undergoes the process may experience the same amount of pain after surgery. It generally lasts about one week, but it depends solely on the person.    

Is Toothache From The Growth Of Wisdom Teeth A Serious Issue

After-effects of the surgery

After the removal of your wisdom teeth, it is normal to experience some kinds of discomfort. Pain is a usual thing as mentioned earlier, it may vary according to the person. The dental surgeon will prescribe a painkiller that should help in reducing the pain. Some may experience bleeding slightly or even a bit too much, it is all normal. Placing a pad on the area can be helpful. Any swelling after the surgery can be reduced by placing an ice pack over the jaw. Nausea is also common in persons after wisdom tooth removal.

How long does the pain last?

It may differ from person to person. The pain occurs when it’s difficult for the teeth to grow through the gums, once it attains full growth, the pain goes away. The pain may not stop if there is any hindrance to the growth of the tooth. Then the next thing you must do is consult a dental surgeon. Normally, it would take about a week for the discomfort to go away completely. Some people don’t get affected by the removal, they may come back to their normal routine after a day or two. 

What to eat and not to eat

Adding a lot of liquids is the best, like juices, soups, mashed potatoes, etc. Soft foods are the best to get started with. The food can be cold but not too hot. soups are the best option to have during this time. 

 Chewing in on hard food might be pretty hard after the surgery. Foods that are hard and crunchy must be avoided as well as hot foods. Some food may get in between the gums and teeth and result in real discomfort. Smoking or drinking alcohol must be restricted after the surgery for about at least 2 days.  

Final thoughts

 Many consider wisdom tooth removal a nightmare. Yes, it might get painful for sure, but if you consider a few certain factors and act accordingly, the pain should go away in a few days. 

The pain itself may vanish after a few days on its own. The recovery rate may vary depending on the person. You have to bear in mind certain facts which will help you recover faster and without any complications. The bleeding may persist up to some hours. Pain and swelling must go away after a few days. There are many ways to get better from this situation which I already stated earlier. In case of any emergency, you should visit your surgeon for a better understanding of the situation. 

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