ProDentim Reviews: Is This Oral Probiotic Formula A Final Cure For Your Tooth Pain Issues?

Prodentim reviews

In this ProDentim Review, we will be analyzing all the aspects, including ingredients, benefits, and side effects of the top trending oral probiotic formula ProDentim

ProDentim is a new oral care probiotic supplement made from 100% natural probiotic strains and a proprietary blend of four plants and minerals that target the population of good bacteria in the mouth to promote teeth and gum health.

The supplement is developed by experts in the field of healthcare who state the formula works equally for all people and is highly potent due to the presence of active and clinically-backed ingredients. This ProDentim review will guide you in gaining accurate knowledge about the supplement. So, let’s get started. 

ProDentim turns out to be one of the best oral probiotic supplements of 2022. It has been garnering rave reviews in the market and has become a topic of discussion among dentists over the past few weeks. Ever since the supplement’s release in the market, there have been numerous ProDentim reviews coming up on various websites. With the rising popularity of the formula, different opinions and reports have also come up from dental experts, customers, and dietary supplement enthusiasts. 

Getting access to trustworthy information, genuine customer responses, and solid scientific evidence from the prodentim reviews and reports can be really hard and might take a lot of time. This is the reason why I have curated all the reliable information about ProDentim currently available on authentic medical forums and other sources into a single review. 

This ProDentim review is a complete guide to all necessary details about the supplement such as how it works, the ingredients used, before and after success stories, customer reviews, BBB and Trustpilot reviews, scientific evidence, manufacturing standards, dosage, results, pricing, and a lot more. The review is organised in sections so that you can easily go through the ones that are significant to you. 

Before getting into the details, here is a quick overview of the main aspects of ProDentim. 

ProDentim Reviews- Is It A Genuine Oral and Dental Health Formula For Tooth Pain?

Product NameProDentim
IntroductionProDentim is an entirely natural probiotic formula that is created by using 3.5 billion strains of probiotics that help in enhancing your oral health. 
ManufacturerDr Drew Sutton MD
Classification Natural oral health formula
Core IngredientsLactobacillus Paracasei
Lactobacillus Reuteri
BL-04 Insulin
Malic Acid
Tricalcium Phosphate
Quantity 30 soffit tablets per bottle
Main BenefitSupports oral health by elevating the population of good bacteria in the mouth
Quality StandardsEach pill is made in an FDA-accredited and GMP-certified lab facility
Formulated from a blend of probiotic strains, plants, and minerals
Constantly tested for purity and surety against toxins and contaminants
Gluten-free, dairy-free, GMO-free, and non-habit forming.
Major BenefitsFormulated from pure probiotic strains, plants, and minerals
Naturally restores oral health
Fights toxic substances that disturb the microbial balance in the mouth
Increases the population of good or healthy bacteria in the mouth
Supported by scientific research and analysis
Non-habit forming and free from stimulants, gluten, and GMO
DosageChew 1 ProDentim soft tablet every morning ideally after brushing the teeth or using a mouthwash
Side EffectsNone reported so far
Compatibility Created for people above 18 years of age
Pros Helps repopulate good bacteria in the mouth and oral cavity
Keeps the sinuses free and open
Fights inflammation
Promotes the health of the respiratory tract
Cons Availability is only through the official ProDentim website
The tablet might not be ideal for everyone
Restrictions Keep away from children below 18 years of age
Restricted for nursing or pregnant women
Restricted for people with a known medical condition or taking prescription medicines
Exceeding the suggested dosage is also restricted
Bonus GiftsBonus #1- Bad Breath Gone. One Day Detox
Bonus #2- Hollywood White Teeth at Home
Price Plans$69 per bottle (1 bottle for 30 days)
$59 per bottle (3 bottles for 90 days)
$49 per bottle (6 bottles for 180 days)
Availability Only through the official ProDentim website
Refund Policy60-day hassle-free money-back policy
Customer Supportcontact@prodentim-product.com 
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is ProDentim? And Does It Work?

ProDentim is a new oral care formula made from a proprietary blend of natural ingredients. It is specially designed to restore teeth and gum health by addressing the imbalance in the population of good bacteria in the mouth. It is based on a new scientific discovery that came out in a trusted journal in the Springer nature publications. The ProDentim formula comes in the form of easy-to-chew soft tablets that are meant to be consumed daily on a 3 to 5 months course. 

The popularity of this oral probiotic is tagged along with frequent questions and concerns like “Does ProDentim really work?”. Reports published in authentic medical forums and the real customer responses so far suggest that the Prodentim tablets do work. In fact, no dietary supplement will be able to keep up with the trend and demand if it doesn’t offer the desired results. Those who are satisfied with taking the supplement include people of all ages and body types. That being said, the time for results varies for each person. 

How Does ProDentim Work?

As per the data released by the research team behind the formulation of the supplement, ProDentim soft tablets work by repopulating good bacteria in the mouth to help restore teeth and gum health. 

What are good bacteria?

The ecosystem of the oral microbiome consists of good or healthy bacteria that work to protect the mouth from tooth decay, oral cavities, and other problems. They coexist with a group of harmful bacteria that are the cause of oral health issues. A balance in both these bacteria supports oral health and hygiene. Good bacteria or probiotics help in digestion and they include a specific group of bacteria, fungus, and yeast. 

The study that this supplement is based on found that people with good oral health have a high population of good bacteria in their mouths as compared to those with poor oral health. As a result, they are free from complications like oral cavities, tooth decay, bad breath, and so on. At the same time, people with poor oral hygiene have low levels of good bacteria and hence, have a high population of harmful bacteria and substances that destroy teeth and gum health resulting in tooth pain and decay. 

Now, what ProDentim tends to do is repopulate the mouth with good bacteria and restore the balance of the oral microbiome. This naturally causes good bacteria to flourish and fight harmful substances, resulting in better oral health and hygiene. The efficiency of good bacteria for oral health is continuously studied by researchers and hence, ProDentim stands above all other oral support formulas. 

ProDentim Ingredients List

All the ingredients used in ProDentim are clearly listed on the supplement label as well as on the official website. The amount of each probiotic strain and other ingredients used also seem to be accurate. The ProDentim ingredients are completely natural and have been used in traditional medicine for ages. Here are the main benefits that you can expect from each ingredient based on the available scientific and clinical data:

  • Lactobacillus Paracasei- The first ProDentim ingredient, Lactobacillus Paracasei, is a homofermentative bacteria present in the mouth, intestinal tract, sewages, and silages and is known for its probiotic properties. According to scientific studies, this probiotic strain supports oral health and keeps the sinuses free and open. It acts as an immune booster by fighting harmful pathogens like Streptococcus mutants, exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, and supports healthy digestion. 
  • Lactobacillus Reuteri- The net ingredient, Lactobacillus Reuteri, is a probiotic bacterium that colonises a large number of mammals. It is a well-studied probiotic that offers a range of health benefits and is proven to be completely safe. According to a study published in Current Oral Health Reports, L.reuteri strains treat chronic periodontitis by significantly reducing the abundance of  Porphyromonas gingivalis. 
  • B.Lactis BL-04- B.lactis BL-04, another ingredient used in ProDentim, is an anaerobic, gram-positive, and rod-shaped bacterium that is proven to benefit human health in several ways. Studies suggest that it modulates the immune system, supports the balance of mouth bacteria, and promotes the health of the respiratory tract. 
  • Insulin- Insulin used in the ProDentim formula is a peptide hormone that balances the blood sugar levels in the body. According to a study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, insulin supports good bacteria in the mouth and thereby helps restore oral health and hygiene.  Healthy levels of insulin in the body help fight periodontal disease, dental caries, and oral mucosal diseases. 
  • Malic Acid- The next ProDentim ingredient is malic acid which is an organic compound with various medicinal properties. According to a study published in the journal, Medicina Oral, Patologia Oral, Cirugia Bucal, malic acid treats dry mouth and is effective against conditions like xerostomia. It is also found that malic acid in strawberries promotes tooth whiteness. 
  • Tricalcium Phosphate- Another ingredient used in Prodentim, Tricalcium Phosphate, is a calcium salt of phosphoric acid. Scientific studies have found that tricalcium phosphate delivers calcium and phosphate ions to the teeth thereby supporting tooth health. It is also proven to have tooth whitening potential. 
  • Peppermint- Peppermint, another ingredient used in the ProDentim formula, is a hybrid mint indigenous to Europe and the Middle East. This hybrid mint is found to have antibacterial properties. So, it fights harmful bacteria present in the mouth causing problems like toothaches. Peppermint also has anti-inflammatory properties which are beneficial for oral health. 

These are the individual benefits offered by the ProDentim ingredients and from this, you can understand that they work in synergy to provide effective results. To learn more about the ingredients, you can visit the official ProDentim website. 

ProDentim Ingredients

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Features of ProDentim

ProDentim is an oral health support formula that has many features and this features makes the formula different from other oral health support formula in the market and is also the reason why ProDentim have been garnering a massive popularity. So let’s take a quick view at the features of ProDentim:

  • ProDentim is an entirely natural formula that contains 3.5 billion strains of probiotics in it.
  • The formula enhances your oral health by repopulating good bacteria in your mouth.
  • Apart from the 3.5 billion strains of probiotics, ProDentim also has a few natural ingredients that enhance your teeth health and keep your breath fresh.
  • ProDentim can help in treating various dental diseases such as toothache, cavities, and more.
  • The formula is non-GMO, gluten-free, and free of any artificial stimulants.
  • The formula is in the form of easily chewable soft tablets that are non-habit forming. 
  • ProDentim comes with two bonuses.
  • The formula is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee 

Before and After Success Stories

The before and after success stories available on the official website prove the benefits offered by the ProDentim formula. A few customers have posted their responses on trusted platforms like Facebook, Reddit, and Quora. This indicates that ProDentim is a complete success. 

Here, I have shared some of the real customer responses that I found genuine, not to further the effectiveness of the supplement, but rather to give you a clear-cut idea. Another important point to note is that these satisfied customers have also followed a healthy diet and simple oral health tips. The customers also state that the bonus gifts received along with ProDentim have helped boost the results. 

ProDentim Customer Reviews and Complaints

On browsing through the internet, you might come across plenty of ProDentim customer reviews, but very few of them contain real customer experiences. Here are some authentic customer responses to ProDentim that I gathered from legit medical forums and online platforms.

Positive Reviews of ProDentim by Users

Maria Rodriguez, who is an Administration Manager from San Fransisco, says that the ProDentim soft tablets provide far more significant results than the total effectiveness offered by different other natural remedies she tried before. She adds that though she always took good care of her teeth and gums, something was missing. She says that ProDentim has filled the gap. Maria adds that the formula is easy-to-chew and it gives a fresh breath. It has been two months since she started taking the pills and she says that the results are so amazing that she has decided to continue the supplement for a few more months. 

Eliza Clark, a Senior Analyst from Denver, says that these ProDentim pills are quite powerful. She says that within the first few weeks of use, the supplement has helped her get rid of dry mouth and bad breath that tags along. If she was sceptical about ProDentim, she says that she would have never given it a try and never experienced the positive results. Now, she is glad that her teeth and gums are healthy and that she can save money spent on dental clinics. Eliza adds that ProDentim is the best oral care probiotic out there and she says this from her personal experience. 

Service Engineer, Ethan Campbell, from Ottawa says he started taking the ProDentim pills when his dental problems escalated. He says that he had been drinking too many soft drinks and junk foods and even forgot to brush twice a day. This is when his dental health started to deteriorate and he started to have bleeding gums, tooth decay, and cavities. He says that he even tried different kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes but none worked. This is why he decided to give this natural oral probiotic a try. Since he started taking ProDentim, his oral health began getting better and now he is also careful about the food that he eats. 

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Customer Complaints and Negative Reviews by Users

Gabriel Cloutier, a Commercial Accountant from Hamilton, says that she had a terrible experience trying the ProDentim pills that he bought from Amazon. He is still confused if he purchased the origins supplement. The seller he bought the supplement from is not so popular and he adds that whatever they sold him, hasn’t worked at all. He also failed to get the refund as the seller didn’t respond to her concerns. He says that it was only recently that he came to know that the standard ProDentim formula costs only $69 per bottle and the one that she bought was much cheaper. This suggests that she purchased a gimmick formula but it is hard for her to digest this fact.  

Sales Associate, Ava Stewart living in New Plymouth, says that she started taking the ProDentim tablets on her friend’s insistence. She says that sadly the supplement hasn’t delivered any results. She says that during the first few weeks when no results showed up, she thought that it might take a little more time. But, she says that unfortunately, ProDentim hasn’t helped improve her oral health even after consistent use for 3 months. 

Willow Robinson, a Customer Service Representative from Auckland, says that she bought ProDentim from Amazon and only stumbled upon the negative responses recently. She has been told that she got trapped by the rip-off supplement and that the supplement available on the official website is the one that works effectively. But, as she got tricked, she is not even ready to try the original ProDentim formula. 

BBB and Trustpilot Mentions On ProDentim

BBB (Better Business Bureau) and Trustpilot are review websites that host reviews of businesses worldwide. These websites focus on enhancing marketplace trust by providing genuine reviews and ratings of businesses like health supplements that people can refer to get clarity about the products. So, BBB and Trustpilot accredited businesses across the world. 

Both BBB and Trustpilot haven’t reviewed the ProDentim formula and hence, there are no reviews or ratings of the supplement on these websites. As the supplement is not reviewed by them yet, we cannot judge its authenticity by just considering its accreditation. This is not a matter of concern as ProDentim is backed by solid scientific research. 

Is ProDentim backed by Science and Scientific Research?

The medical reviews of ProDentim by top health experts state that the principle that the formula is based on and the ingredients used in it are supported by solid scientific evidence. There are plenty of studies published in leading medical and scientific journals and available on federal databases like the National Center for Biotechnology Information that have found out the potential of the ProDentim ingredients and principles. 

To point out some studies, a recent study that came out in Springer Nature, a publication that advances discovery by publishing trusted research, suggests that people with healthy teeth and gums have a high population of good bacteria in the mouth. 

Another study published in the European Journal of Dentistry suggests that specific bacteria strains like lactobacillus and bifidobacteria have beneficial effects on oral health. These and numerous other scientific studies published about the concentration of good bacteria in the mouth and the ingredients used in ProDentim indicate that the formula is backed by solid science.  

Manufacturer- Quality and Safety Standards

According to the research team, each ProDentim soft tablet is manufactured in an FDA-accredited and GMP-certified lab facility right here in the United States. The supplement is GMO-free and the ingredients used are pure probiotic strains, plants, and minerals. These ProDentim ingredients are constantly tested for purity and are proven to be free from toxins and contaminants. 

Regarding safety concerns, no side effects or complaints have been reported by the customers yet and the pills are also non-habit forming. So, there shouldn’t be any safety issues unless you exceed the manufacturer-recommended dosage. Also, the ProDentim ingredients are mixed in the right amounts so that they work effectively and cause no side effects. 

What Are The Benefits That You Can Expect From ProDentim?

ProDentim is one of the best oral health support formulas that we presently have and the formula can provide you with numerous benefits that can contribute to enhancing your oral health. Let’s take a quick glance at the benefits of using ProDentim:

Enhances oral health

The obvious benefit of ProDentim is that it enhances oral health. ProDentim is filled with probiotics that will repopulate the good bacteria in your mouth. By doing this, the formula is maintaining your oral biome, hence it enhances your oral health. 

Prevents and treats oral diseases

ProDentim also prevents any oral diseases by protecting your teeth and mouth from any damage. It also boosts your oral immunity. The ingredients of the formula can also aid in treating oral inflammation, which is one of the primary causes behind most of the oral diseases.

Whitens your teeth

Besides the probiotics that enhance your oral health, ProDentim also has ingredients that will remove yellow stains on your teeth and will whiten them. These ingredients will also protect your teeth from any damage.

Boosts ear, nose, and tongue immunity

ProDentim also has the capability to boost the immunity of your ear, nose, and tongue. The formula will protect your sensory organs from any damages and ensures that they have the immunity to prevent any diseases. 

Dosage and Results

Each bottle consists of 30 ProDentim soft tablets. The recommended dosage is 1 soft tablet every day on a 3-month course. As per the supplement label, chew 1 tablet daily after brushing the teeth or using mouthwash to improve teeth, gum, and overall health. 

Though the average time for results is 3 months, the customer experiences so far indicate that the timescale varies with each person. Some people could gain significant results within a few weeks of use while others had to take the soft tablets for almost 3 months to get the desired results. This variation in the time seems to be due to the influence of factors like lifestyle, age, the severity of oral health issues, the consistency you maintain in taking the pills, and so on. Whatever the case is, the ProDentim manufacturer guarantees results and also offers a risk-free refund policy if the results don’t show up. 

Regarding Pricing & Availability

A single bottle of ProDentim that actually costs $99, is currently available at a discounted price. The original price seems to be quite expensive as the ingredients used in ProDentim are naturally sourced. But, if the supplement is available at special discounts, all people can benefit from it. This is why the manufacturer has slashed the price of all ProDentim packs.

Here are the slashed price details of ProDentim currently available on the official website:

  • $69 per bottle (1 bottle for 30 days)
  • $59 per bottle (3 bottles for 90 days)
  • $49 per bottle (6 bottles for 180 days)

An added advantage is that all these ProDentim packs are available free of shipping and handling fee. 

Bonuses Along With ProDentim

As per the official ProDentim website, all customers who purchase the 3-bottle or 6-bottle packs of the supplement will get 2 free bonus gifts worth $218. These bonuses will boost your journey towards healthy teeth and gums together with a daily intake of the supplement. Here are the 2 ProDentim bonuses you will get:

1. Bad Breath Gone. One Day Detox

This is a guide in digital format that provides 7 simple spice and herb mixes that are readily available in the kitchen to provide fresh breath and keep away from bad breath. These are some super teeth hacks that you will get completely free with ProDentim multipacks. 

2. Hollywood White Teeth at Home

This second bonus will also boost the results with ProDentim by providing details about the simple 10-second Bright Teeth method to get white and glowing teeth. You will also get to discover an effective brushing trick that has been used by celebrities and other well-known people. 

Click Here To Order Prodentim Oral Formula From The Official Website

Where to Buy ProDentim?

As of now, the only place where you can get the ProDentim formula is through its official website. The supplement has not been made available by the manufacturer on Amazon or other third-party websites. The purchasing process through the official ProDentim website is quite straightforward. 

Once you access the official website, scroll down to see the price and pack details. Here, click the Buy Now button on the package you want. With this, you will be directed to the secure checkout page where you are required to fill in the customer, billing, and shipping information.  The final step is the transaction process which will be completed once you click the Pay Now button. This is the simple purchasing procedure of ProDentim with which the formula will be delivered to you within a few working days. 

Warning: There have been reports popping up that duplicates of ProDentim are sold through third-party websites like Amazon and some unauthorised websites at lower prices than the original. Some of these gimmick formulas use the same label as the ProDentim supplement and can be difficult to distinguish from the original formula. However, there are some differences that will help you spot the discrepancy such as the price difference. The best and only way to avoid these traps is by purchasing the pills only through ProDentim official website. 

Refund Policy

As mentioned before, the time scale for results may vary for each person and in rare cases, the formula might not work for some people. Considering these factors, the ProDentim manufacturer offers a risk-free money-back policy of 60 days. So, if you are not fully satisfied with the results you have experienced or if you feel that the formula is not legit, you can obtain a full refund within 2 months.ProDentim money-back guarantee is applicable for every package of the formula.

Note that this secure refund policy is applicable only for purchases made through the official ProDentim website. You will not be eligible for a refund if you buy supplements named ProDentim sold through third-party websites like Amazon or in retail stores. To get a full refund, all you have to do is address your concern to customer service via email at contact@prodentim-product.com

ProDentim Availability Internationally

According to the official ProDentim website, the supplement is made available internationally. As the formula is imported, goods and services taxes and shipping costs will be applicable as per your country’s rules and regulations. Below are the details about the availability of ProDentim worldwide: 

  • Ireland

ProDentim is available for purchase in Ireland and you will have to pay 68.119 Euros for a single bottle. You will also have to pay a shipping and handling fee of 15.74 Euros and a goods and services tax of 19.28 Euros. 

  • New Zealand

ProDentim is quite popular in New Zealand and a single bottle will cost you 109.13 NZD along with a shipping and handling fee of 25.22 NZD. A goods and services tax of 20.15 NZD is also to be paid. 

  • United Kingdom

If you are purchasing ProDentim from the United Kingdom, it will cost you 57.38 GBP. you will also have to pay a shipping and handling fee of 13.26 GBP along with a VAT of 14.13 GBP. 

  • Australia

ProDentim is currently available in Australia and for one bottle, you will have to pay 98.53 AUD and a shipping and handling fee of 22.77 AUD. A goods and services tax of 12.13 AUD is also applicable. 

  • Canada

If you are from Canada, you can purchase a single bottle of Prodentim at 89.05 CAD. There is a shipping and handling fee of 20.58 CAD and a VAT of 5.48 CAD. 

  • Brazil

ProDentim is currently not available in Brazil. But, considering the success of the supplement, we can assume that the supplement will soon be made available in the region. 

Benefits and Concerns Of ProDentim

ProDentim Pros

  • Unique approach to addressing poor oral health
  • Natural and safe formula and ingredients
  • Free from stimulants, toxins, and contaminants
  • Safely restores oral health
  • Backed by new and solid scientific research
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free
  • ProDentim chewable tablets are non-habit forming
  • Multiple packs available 
  • 60-day money-back policy
  • 2 free bonus gifts

ProDentim Cons

  • Can be purchased only through the official ProDentim website
  • Limited stocks due to great demand
  • Overdosing can be harmful to health

Final Verdict On ProDentim Reviews

Considering everything discussed in this Prodentim review, ProDentim does seem to be a genuine oral probiotic solution for all people having oral problems. There are over 95000 positive customer reviews that enhance the integrity of the supplement. Extra benefits offered by the supplement include high immune function and reduced inflammation. ProDentim delivers these results using a blend of 3.5 billion probiotic strains, plants, and minerals selected after soli scientific and clinical research. So, the formula could be better than other oral care formulas and remedies. 

On top of all these, ProDentim is covered by an iron-clad money-back policy of 60 days that you can obtain if the soft tablets don’t deliver the promised results. Since the investment seems to be risk-free, those having serious oral health issues can give ProDentim a try as it does seem to be legit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ProDentim a natural oral care formula?

ProDentim is an all-natural supplement made from natural ingredients like clinically-backed probiotic strains, plants, and minerals. It is devoid of stimulants, gluten, and GMOs, and hence, seems to be safe for all. 

Does regular intake of ProDentim cause addiction?

ProDentim is a scientifically-backed oral health probiotic that is non-habit forming. So, you can take these soft tablets without fearing addiction and can also quit at any time. 

Is ProDentim legit or not?

The best way to judge the legitimacy of a supplement is by looking at its customer ratings. Currently, more than 95000 customers are fully satisfied using the ProDentim soft tablets indicating that it is a legit formula. 

Should you be concerned about ProDentim side effects?

So far, no side effects have been reported by customers after a consistent intake of the ProDentim tablets. Also, as the ingredients are natural and backed by scientific studies, there shouldn’t be any side effects. 

How to contact the ProDentim company?

If you have any questions or need any help, you can contact the ProDentim company via email at contact@prodentim-product.com.

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