How To Get Rid Of A Headache

How To Get Rid Of A Headache

Presently, many people are suffering from headaches in a busy world, and it has become an increasing problem. Sometimes headaches occur due to natural conditions like a lack of sleep and stress, which also happen due to medical conditions. However, various types of treatments are available to reduce headaches and prescribed medicines.

How To Get Rid Of A Headache

Besides consuming over-the-counter painkillers, there are many natural ways that people can try to relieve headaches. But there are two different types of headaches:

How To Get Rid Of A Headache

Primary Headaches

It is a kind of headache that occurs due to a typical cause, and there is nothing more extensive disease. The standard type of headache caused is stress, migraine, and cluster headaches. Usually, these headaches are connected with neck or ear pain around your health. Taking or following home remedies will relieve this pain.

Secondary headaches

It occurs when the headaches are a sign of a severe illness. It can be dangerous situation than primary headaches, and it can give you a warning sign of any serious problem like a brain tumor and brain injury. You should consult with a doctor if any headaches exist.

Here in this article, we bring some helpful natural headache remedies that will help you

Ginger Tea

It is an old age remedy, but it also proves to science that it works. The ginger tea can immediately relieve your headache pain especially migraine pain. The ginger tea contains anti-inflammatory elements that will inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins due to that headaches and pain occur in migraine. Sometimes the pain is so worse that it will cause vomit and nausea. Moreover, ginger tea will help stimulate digestion and prevent severe attacks.

Use Essential oils

Lavender and peppermint oil provide you relief. Both essential oils have properties that help you assist your pain. Applying a small quantity of peppermint oil to the temples will help relieve pain but not apply near your eyes. However, to ease migraine pain, lavender oil is also effective and safe.

Breathing Exercise

You know that we always breathe, then how breathing exercise will help. Stress-related pain is relieved with regular breathing exercises that will help focus on your work and release your muscles. Taking slow rhythmic breaths for five seconds will relax your tight muscles. You can also try progressive relaxation techniques that focus on your large muscle area. Start exercise from toes and work on the way up.


Another great way to relieve a headache is with heat. Tense muscles can bring headaches in your neck and head area. Just hold a water bottle or hot compressor against your forehead or at the back of your neck; it will ease your pain.

Massage Pressure Points

Applying certain pressure on our body pressure points will help our overall body. When you have headaches in your temples, create pressure on your temples and rub them in round mode. Many people use these techniques when they are stressed. To relieve headache pain due to eye strain, use the tip of index fingers and create pressure at the middle of eyebrows and release.

Moreover, rubbing the spot between your thumb and index finger also relieves stress, headache, and another kind of pain.


Caffeine contains properties that resolve headaches pain, especially migraine pain. With a cup of coffee, you can calm your head and brain. Caffeine has vasoconstrictive elements, which means blood vessels narrow to control the blood flow that relieves specific pain. But to make sure to consume caffeine in moderation will be beneficial.


Dehydration is also another cause of headaches, but it is easily avoided. To drink water, take an old large glass for drinking water that helps your body gain electrolyte-containing beverage—consuming a sufficient amount of water prevents headaches and reduces their severity.

A study shows that even minor dehydration may change people’s behavior how they think and act. In this situation, water helps them to feel better.


If an individual daily has the problem of headaches, doing meditation regularly will help them a lot. To calm your mind, Anulom Vilom and Bhramari are effective. This specific kind of pranayama will minimize the strain of nerves near the brain and forehead area. Practicing daily yoga and meditation releases pressure tension and clams your mind.

Good Sleep

After a long tiring day, a good amount of sleep is essential. Research shows that people who sleep for 6 hours have frequent headaches, but those who sleep for more hours have more negligible effects. So try to get sleep for 7 to 9 hours, and it is also an ideal time.

Limit Alcohol Quantity

Many people can’t manage to drink too much alcohol. After drinking alcohol, headache is also a side effect of a hangover. It is because alcohol acts as a diuretic and makes the body discharge more water via urine. This type of headache is caused due to heavy drinking habits, but even with small drinks, it leaver you dehydrated and worsens the headache.


Consuming magnesium in the body will relax the blood vessel, and in turn, it will reduce headaches. The magnesium gives your body intravenously that treat migraine or headache-related issues.


Indian spices have always been used to treat diseases or chronic health issues. In this list, Cinnamon has given soothing effect for headaches. You should grind some of the cinnamon sticks into a powder, then prepare a thick paste and apply it to your forehead. This paste will relieve your headache pain in 30 minutes.


For many years, many people have been following these home remedies to cure headache issues. The medicines are also offered, but these home remedies will have no side effects on your health. While traditional techniques like medicinal drugs are frequently necessary, there are numerous natural and powerful methods to prevent and deal with complications if you’re looking for a more holistic approach. After following this remedy, the pain will not reduce then consult with a doctor.

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