How To Relieve Jaw Pain? Beneficial Methods To Cure!

Get Quick Relief from Jaw Pain

The jaw is something we would least think about but uses a lot more than we think.

It has a precise role in speaking and eating actions. But when it comes to jaw pain, we get anxious about where the pain actually stems from. Whether it is your teeth, mouth, or the jaw itself! 

We are here with everything you would need to know about how to Relieve Jaw Pain. Scroll down and read more.

What Are The Causes Of Jaw Pain?

Have you ever heard of Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder TMD? There are several reasons behind jaw pain. But one major cause of jaw pain is TMD which is also known as TMJ.

Relieve Jaw Pain Beneficial Methods To Cure!

Temporomandibular joints are the joints on each side of your jaw. Any damage to those joints can cause severe pain in the jaw and in the muscles that help you with the movement of the jaw.

Other reasons behind your jaw pain include any traumas, arthritis, improper bites, or dental condition. 

Best Time To Seek Treatment If I Have Jaw Pain

Jaw pains are relatively less risky. So you may try some home remedies or other general treatments of your own. But you must seek medical support in certain conditions:

💪If home remedies aren’t giving any relief.

💪If jaw pain started to mess with your daily routine.

💪If you have fever along with jaw pain.

💪Persists your ability to eat and drink. 

💪If you have dental problems.

Is Jaw Pain A Serious Issue?

Jaw pain is seen very often and is not actually a serious issue. Although, jaw pain can be alarming when seen suddenly on one side of the jaw.

Jaw pain on one side can likely be some rare form of symptoms like heart attacks, especially for women.

If your jaw pain is accompanied by symptoms like nausea, vomiting, extreme tiredness, dizziness, heartburn, etc, then seek emergency medical help. 

Can Jaw Pain Go Away On Its Own?

Pain in the jaw is not too likely to be seen as a serious issue as long as your jaw doesn’t ache for a longer period. However, if we know the cause of jaw pain, it could be treated with some combination of medication.

It is something you would not need to worry about. Sometimes, the cause may be as common as stress which makes your teeth grind and your jaw clench which would treat itself better.

Meanwhile, jaw pain is of several ranges starting from mild to severe that depending on if it could go away on its own. 

What Happens If You Don’t Treat Jaw Pain?

There is an ailment for all pain. But what if we ignore our pain and leave it as it is? Many people dismiss their pain just because their pain is not hard enough to consult a medical professional or are too anxious about what the doctor would say.

Anything could be cured after proper diagnosis and treatment. What makes it worse is leaving it without treatment.

If left untreated then you would experience health problems like chronic pain and inflammation. Problems like depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness would also follow in a long-term period. 

Is This A Permanent Cure Disorder?

Jaw pain may vary from person to person due to different causes. Most of the time, it may disappear on its own. But it could also stay back in many of the lives for a longer period. Although this has permanently curing alternatives.

Treatment Options

There are several cases of jaw pain. In some cases, you wouldn’t require any serious treatment. But if your pain persists, you would need to rely on treatments that your doctor suggests.

Medication – Apart from the non-surgical methods, medication alternatives must relieve your jaw pain and help you get rid of it. Medications like pain relievers, muscle relaxants, and antidepressants would help you relieve your pain.

It can only be used when properly prescribed by your health consultant. It helps you relax your muscle and reduces your stress level. It relaxes the muscles of those who clench or grind their teeth. Your medical professional would prescribe the dosage according to the pain you go through. The lower dose can help you reduce or control your pain.

If you experience jaw pain caused by your teeth then your dentist can suggest you higher dose of NSAIDS to reduce your pain. 

Therapy – Apart from medications and other alternatives, there are some physical therapies that might get more useful and easing sooner than you would think. They are:

  • Relaxation techniques- Meditation helps your body to get relaxed and muscles are stretched. As a result, your pain will be reduced to the minimum.
  • Acupuncture– is a natural healing process where needles are inserted at specific points of your body and the acupressure triggers the central nervous system of your body. 
  • Other important physical therapies are checking postures and trying mouth protectors like mouthguards.

Surgery – When you have tried enough of all other treatments then surgery is the only option that your doctor may suggest. Most importantly, the 3 surgeries include arthrocentesis, arthroscopy, and open-joint surgery. 

  • Arthrocentesis- is such a simple and minor procedure that is done with local anesthesia. It is often done when the jaw is locked and this reduces the inflammation. 
  • Arthroscopy– this requires general anesthesia where your doctor puts a small instrument with a lens and light in your ears. This helps your doctor to examine the inside of your ears to study what is the cause behind the pain. 
  • Open-joint surgery– this requires undergoing many anesthesias and it makes a long incision to insert an instrument and examine you. Although open joint surgery is a bit long healing process, it is one of the best solutions for serious TMJ.

Massages – Fortunately, jaw pain is not always crucial. It comes and goes for most people. However, it is chronic for some. Yet you have an excellent message!

Massages can help you heal your jaw paint easier and quicker. Some of the important messages that you should try are kneading massages friction massages and stretching massages.

Exercises – The pain relief one gets after exercise is still a doubt but it is definitely going to help you with your pain. The discomfort of jaw pain is said to be relieved because of simple exercises. It helps your jaw to get strong and relaxed along with jaw healing.

Some of the commonly done exercises are relaxed jaw exercise, goldfish exercise, chin tucks, resisted mouth opening, tongues up, etc. 

Diet – Food plays a massive role when you have jaw pain. It restricts eating much food. Hence you will have to keep an eye on your diet to prevent yourself from hurting more. 

  • Make sure you eat only soft food so that it doesn’t make your jaw chew hard and cause any unwanted pain. 
  • You will have to take more of the anti-inflammatory food. So eat more fruits, vegetables, fish, ginger, beans, etc.
  • Do not promote eating any food that has inflammation because your body would react in a negative manner. This means avoiding sugar, fried food, etc. 
  • In any case, make sure you do not chew more. An increase in movement of the jaw can increase your pain. 

Home Remedies For Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is seen as a basic and general thing for all, especially women. And it has several home remedies to be taken care of. It helps you through difficult times instantly. So make sure you do what is mentioned below:

Home Remedies For Jaw Pain- Soft foods

Switch your diet to soft foods.

Home Remedies For Jaw Pain- Dont chew gums

Do not chew gums or any other object.

Home Remedies For Jaw Pain- Let your Jaw relax

Let your jaw relax.

Home Remedies For Jaw Pain - Help your jaw to compress using cold or warm water

Help your jaw to compress using warm or cold water.

Home Remedies For Jaw Pain- Stretch your jaw by trying out exercises

Stretch your jaw by trying out exercises.

Home Remedies For Jaw Pain - Avoid stress

Avoid stress.

End Line  

Jaw pain is very uncertain and it actually doesn’t let you know what causes the pain easily. So take good care as long as the condition is not serious, it would be just a matter of time until it just comes and goes. But make sure you meet your concerned doctor if the pain persists for a longer period.  

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