Kidney Pain: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, And Treatments

Kidney Pain

Unlike other pains, kidney pain occurs on the lower side of the back which people sometimes think is back pain.

The pain often occurs underneath the ribcage or on each side of the spine.

It can also be felt in the middle of the upper back but most of the time the pain is felt under the ribs and both sides of the spine.

Why Kidney Hurts? Signs Of Kidney Disease

Kidney pain comes and goes as sometimes it can be a dull ache or sometimes it can be sharp.

Kidney Disease

There are a few kinds of kidney pains that can be felt.

Causes Of Kidney Pain

Kidney pain can be felt for several reasons. As we all know that the kidney has a crucial part to filter the blood and flow of the blood throughout the body called the Ureters.

Some of the most common causes of kidney pain are :

Pyelonephritis: It is a kind of kidney infection. Basically, it happens because of bacteria that spreads to the kidneys from a blander infection. It affects most people who have diabetes or have a blockage in the urinary tract.

The urinary tract infection is an essential cause that people should be aware of because it causes urine to flow from the bladder to the backward of the body and repeated infections can lead to permanent damage of the kidneys.

Renal cancer: It is also known as kidney cancer. Renal cell carcinoma is one of the most common types of cancer.

The symptoms of renal cancer are blood in urine, side or back or below pain of the ribs, and swelling or lump in the side. It does not appear in those people who are under 50 but people in their 60s or 70s should be aware of it.

Kidney stone: It is well known than the other kinds, as most people are a victim of it. A stone can be large as a pearl or can be small as a grain of sand.

Small stones can be passed from the body but large stones can be stuck in the track of urine which can cause huge damage to the body.

Injuries or trauma: An injury (such as an accident or in a contact sport) in the area of the kidney can be another cause of kidney damage. It can disrupt the flow of blood to the kidneys.

Kidney trauma occurs for sudden kidney failure.

Polycystic: It is kidney disease. In this disease, fluid-filled cysts develop inside the kidneys and as they go, the cysts expand and this causes the kidney to lose its ability to function, as it becomes enlarged.

Kidney Pain Symptoms

There are several symptoms of kidney pain.

  1. Sharp pain in the upper back and lower back.
  2. Pain underneath the ribs.
  3. Pain can be felt on both sides of the spine.
  4. A dull ache that can be constant.

As there are several kinds of kidney pains, thus it actually depends on the kind of cause.

High fever, vomiting, pain in pee, blood in urine, etc. are other causes of kidney damage.

Treatments For Kidney Pain

The treatments of kidney pains depend on the kinds of kidney pains or causes.

Before the treatment, people should know the type cause of kidney pain.

People should consult a doctor to get rid of the pain and at the same time, they must go for a urine test to check what causes the kidney pain.

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