What Are The Reasons For Lower Right Back Pain? Diagnosis And Treatments!!

What are The Reasons for Lower Right Back pain Diagnosis And Treatments!!

Lower back pain is a common discomfort on the back of the body that may even extend to the buttocks and legs. Lower right back pain is usually caused due to spinal issues because of bad posture, bending, or heavy lifting. The symptoms and effects vary from one person to the other according to the root of the cause. 

Here Are Some Of The Specific Reasons For The Pain!

It can be a result of constant bad habits like always slouching or moving your head forward while performing some activity. It can also be caused by infection and inflammation, likely kidney stones or appendix. There are numerous reasons for a person to be diagnosed with back pain. Likewise, the solution also varies with the varied diagnosis. 

Reason For The Pain

Root Causes Of Lower Right Back Pain!

Bad posture, slouching while walking, and bending your head too much are all of the mechanical troubles that gradually cause back pain in the body.

This can only be relieved by certain stretches and correct postures. Wear and tear of the spinal cord can eventually end up damaging the lower back. Injuries on the right side, especially with soft tissue, can lead to immense back pain. When the muscles or ligaments on the back are excessively stretched, it causes muscle and ligament pain respectively.

Certain injuries on the bone and tissues cause pain on the lower right back side. Kidney problems often cause pain in the lower back. Since the location of the kidney corresponds with the lower right side, it is a painful experience as the stones pass through the urinary tract.
Spinal stenosis happens when the space between the spinal cords is narrowed.

When this occurs in the body, the lower back aches on one or both sides. Arthritis and Appendix also have similar results. Moreover, weakened body muscles may also affect back pain. This is due to the weak muscles procrastinating without exercising or moving around much. 

Who Is Most Often Affected? 

● People over 50 may experience more wear and tear of the spinal disc.
● People playing hard and arduous sports may have severe back pain.
● People who are right-handed are more prone to lower right back pain as their right side is naturally dominant in every activity they do.
● People who are overweight may observe less exercising in their life, exhausting the working muscles and causing lower back pain. 
● People who lift weights and other heavy objects will experience severe pain in the lower back side since that is the area where most of the weight of both the object and the person himself is held. 
● People who were injured in the backside of the spinal cord frequently deal with back pain as a consequence. 


Lower right back pains are usually because of extensive usage or some external damage on that particular side. Some common and straightforward method to treat this pain is to stretch and release the entire body. Here are a few stretches and yoga poses that assist in relieving the pain. 

● Seated twist 

● Child’s Pose 

● Thread the Needle 

● Cat-Cow Pose 

● Latissimus dorsi stretch 

● Passive backbend 

● Cobra Pose 

● Dead Bug 

● Bridge pose 

● Spinal twists 


Back pains are often caused due to any damage, visible or internal to the spinal cord and the entire system that makes up the back. They are also generated as an after-effect of a lot of diseases and infections touching the area. The only remedy to relieve the pain is to perform actions with the body muscles in tow. 

There are several stretching exercises and yoga poses that can help you to overcome the pain. The weight a body can hold is exceeded when A tough act is performed, under the guidance of the lower back partially or entirely.

Exercise results in a healthy and pain-free lifestyle. When the muscles move, they are exempted from the physical disaster that follows in the lower right back side. Hence, it is each and every person’s responsibility to ensure that the body muscles are always active and that one side of the body does not carry the whole weight.

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