Neck Pain And Shoulder Pain In Pregnancy- Causes, And Treatment!

Neck Pain And Shoulder Pain During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, neck and shoulder pains and other discomforts are common. The body undergoes many hormonal changes in pregnancy. So there is a chance to get neck and shoulder pains along with other discomforts in pregnant women. If pains are severe or last for days, you need to contact a doctor for wellness.

Why Do Neck Pain And Shoulder Pain Occur During Pregnancy?

sometimes the pains may not be problematic, but a pregnant woman needs good sleeping hours. While women with neck and shoulder pains may not get good sleep. where pains discomforting and lead to difficulties in sleep reducing bedtime time.

Neck Pain And Shoulder Pain In Pregnancy

some major causes of neck pain and shoulder pain during pregnancy are:

👉Ectopic pregnancy – A serious neck and shoulder pain is an indication of ectopic pregnancy. Unfortunately, most ectopic pregnancies are not diagnosable until the mother gets excess pain or bleeding. Sometimes an untreated ectopic pregnancy leads to life-threatening.

 👉Preeclampsia- Preeclampsia is also another thing to cause neck pain with shoulder pain during pregnancy. Generally, 25% of women get preeclampsia and eclampsia during pregnancy dangerous for mother and baby so the situation requires medical attention.

 👉Meningitis- Meningitis is caused by an inflammatory disease that affects the brain and spinal cord so that women feel headaches, fever the stiffness of the neck. Generally, meningitis caused by infections such as listeriosis becomes life-threatening for the baby and mother.


Other reasons to get neck pain during pregnancy:

  •  Headache- Pregnant women may get neck pain while a headache feels at the back of the head. It may radiate down to the neck.
  •  Muscle strain- Overuse of knots in the neck area or lay down in a bad posture awkward position reading, crouching over for keyboard for a long time make all the muscle strain of neck area it will lead to the neck pain.
  • Neck spasm- While getting a spasm, the neck becomes tight or stiff will happen in morning times commonly. Neck muscles tense of involuntary caused by the position sleeping.
  •  Neck injury- Falling, tripping, or getting a shortstop in-car fling neck back and forth may cause injury or whiplash, which leads to neck pain.
  •  Pinched Nerve – A Pinched of spinal nerves causes the neck pain sharply or tingling pins and needles can travel to the arms and hands, leading to severe neck pain.
  •  Referred pains – Other pains in the body may also cause severe neck pain.

Remedies for neck pain and shoulders while pregnancy

Until you see the doctor, you need to follow a few ways to relieve neck pain shoulder pain.

  • Try Massage– A gentle massage or rubbing the pain area can relieve neck or shoulder pain.
  • Follow regular stretch outs– Carefully loosen the tight muscle by tilting the head to one side without raising the shoulders. Inhale, hold it for 3 seconds to exhale. Follow this procedure on one side and next to another side. You may do it regularly several times a day.
  •  Need to Stand tall– In this method, shoulders should be straight and low on your back rather than falling or curling forward. And if you tighten your abs a bit when standing and sitting, you can create better alignment and head off any potential neck pain.
  •  Take heat or cold– Take a warm shower, bath, use low heating pads on the neck, or take cold packs for 20 minutes a few times a day. You may take alternate hot and cold treatments.
  • Try a good Pillow– You may take advantage of a pregnancy pillow that can support your pregnancy time sleeping, which is designed for pregnant women.
  • Acupuncture– Some pregnant women receive acupuncture in the presence of a physician for pains in pregnancy, which also eases pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, headaches, and pelvic pains.
  • Try Prenatal yoga– You may follow the prenatal yoga poses under the pregnancy specialized yoga trainer’s prenatal guidance, releasing pain progressively, making the body strong, and helping the delivery laborers. Different prenatal exercises are used for neck pain relief. To work out which yoga postures are best for you to ease tension in your neck and shoulders, you speak with your doctor or nurse and initial search out a prenatal yoga category with a knowledgeable prenatal yoga educator.
  • Daily gentle exercises– Important to follow the regular exercises of pregnant women which better the health of the baby and mother. Better exercise gives the maintained body metabolism, which helps maintain the bodyweight of pregnant women.
  • Take care of your sleeping positions– While pregnant, you should take care of the sleeping positions, laying positions, and common sitting positions that help the muscle stiffness, muscle strain, numbness, and also blood flow to the body parts.
  • Follow the Magnesium Diet– Magnesium may also help muscles with contraction and relaxation. Neck pain is caused by muscle strains and sprain’s most necessary mineral for muscles is magnesium. To increase magnesium, you’ll eat fruits, vegetables, beans, soured soy products, and whole grains. You’ll also take baths in Epsom salt, take metal supplements, or apply metal oil. Again, suggested that you see your doctor or nurse before taking any vitamins or supplements.



Pregnancy symptoms like discomforts, pains, are common for many pregnant women until goes severe. Fortunately, many women are cured and get well from pregnancy symptoms using remedies and doctor’s treatments. People need to know the exact causes. Where it helps find the solution for better health. If you find symptoms are common you may follow alternative remedies like exercises, yoga, pregnancy diet, or physiotherapy treatment. That relives pains and other discomforts to promote good pregnancy health. On other hand it is problematic you need doctor’s treatments and suggestions for health.



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